Miles and More registration with Brussels Airlines: Sign up for this online loyalty program, in less than three minutes

With free registration together with Miles & More can make prized miles right off and redeem them for awards with Airlines, hotels and stores, or to a trip at the rental car of your pick. Its big world of spouses expects you.

As a regular flyer that you rise quickly to turn into a particular status Member – then you enjoy exclusive statements and much more relaxation on your flights. Become a part of Miles & More with free enrollment and make your very first miles right away.

Brussels Airlines is a completely Incorporated Miles & More program frequent flyer

Miles & More introduces one to a universe of exclusive benefits: Using Europe’s biggest frequent flyer programme that you get valuable miles when you travel, and even if you’re not travel. With over 350 partners globally, you will get miles on flights, hotels, auto rentals and a lot more.

You will get standing miles on flights with many Miles & More Based on the Amount of standing miles you get, you can attain a Miles & More Status amount and also enjoy most exclusive and special privileges from the When it comes to redeeming the miles, then the option is yours:

Update into the next higher type of support, with multiple Star Alliance partners and chosen Miles & More partners:

– Hotel & Travel: Utilize miles for excellent hotels all over the globe,

– Automobile Lease: why don’t you invest your miles for a visit within a sports vehicle using its Miles & More car rental partners?

– Shopping & Lifestyle: you are able to buy high-quality brand name goods together with your miles, such as by the World shop,

– Events: Just cover unforgettable occasions with miles.

Earn much more award miles, Together with All the Brussels Airlines payment cards even when you’re not flying.

Would you like to travel to the other end of the world with your award miles? Apply on your Brussels Airlines American Express or MasterCard Card and earn award miles on your everyday purchases. What’s more, your award winning miles no longer die as long as you use the Card.

How to register and become a Miles and More members?

It’s easy; you can get Miles and More information and benefits on its web site. If you have already joined, you’ll get a reminder sent to your email inbox every month or so, reminding you of your ongoing membership status and other special offers.

Miles and More is probably the biggest frequent flyer loyalty programme currently in Europe, with nearly 25 million members as of September 2021. It offers several rewards to members of the Star Alliance flying on select kinds of carriers. The programme was started by Lufthansa Airlines in 1993 and has more than 40 international airline partners, including both Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. Lufthansa flies in more destinations in Europe than any other airline.

A frequent flyer receives several different types of reward programs based on their frequent flyer status. First, a point system is in place for each distance flown. Once a point is earned, it can be redeemed for free or reimbursed for expenses paid. Each airline offers different incentive schemes, including award miles.

How much can you earn?

Each credit card issued by Miles and More has an option to redeem reward miles. Some cards come with an annual percentage rate (APR) discount, which means that you save money every time you use your card. Some airlines offer a rebate on selected travel products. And some carriers offer cash back for purchases made with their credit cards.

What kind of frequent flyer program do they offer? Every Miles and More frequent flyer program have partner airlines that serve in more than one European country. In addition, some partners are exclusive to one destination in Europe. This allows you the flexibility of scheduling trips around your travels while still receiving the same level of reward as if you were flying to a different European city. For example, if you were interested in visiting Paris but had to make other arrangements, you could use your miles towards a trip to Rome instead.

How do miles and points work?

Every time a customer uses a Miles and More credit cards, one point is earned. At the end of the month, that same customer will receive a statement that displays the total number of miles that have been earned. At that time, the customer can choose to redeem those miles toward any of a variety of destinations in Europe. Each one is awarded at a greater value than those awarded at the end of a traditional frequent traveller program.

Where can you find out about the different destinations and options? When you sign up for a frequent traveller program, you will receive an email with information about the different destinations and options that can be used to book tickets and save on the price. You can even choose to purchase an annual membership so that you will be automatically updated on all of the available options and destinations. At the end of each calendar year, you will get an email with all of the information that you earned, such as your status miles and the destinations that you were able to visit. There are even special reports that you can order online that provide more information about your status miles and the destinations that you were able to visit.

It is easy to see how getting free flights to Europe through Miles and More can change your life. Whether you are just going for a one-time business trip or are looking to make a European vacation part of a lifetime adventure, it is the perfect solution. All you need to do is look for a partner airline and request your free ticket and proof of identification.

Miles & More is Europe’s leading frequent flyer and awards

Its 25 Decades of expertise and cooperation with 300 global Spouse businesses create the programme operator, Miles & More GmbH, A specialist in individual client retention and service and if they buy high-end brands in many important areas of life. With The flight award because its core component, and with the Lufthansa World Shop and many hotel and car rental partners, Miles & More is strongly Positioned across the entire journey series. The Miles & More credit Card also enables members to make award miles easily during their everyday lives.

Associates of the programme gain access to some discerning target Group, especially in the core markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Miles & More members could be approached with customised content that appeals to their unique tastes.

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