Statut Frequent Traveller Miles&More: Advantages with Brussels Airlines

Frequent Traveler standing is the ascent to the world of frequent flyer rights. As a Regular Traveller, you may appreciate at least 2 complete years of advantages that can make travelling more pleasurable for you. You’ll profit not only with all the Lufthansa Group along with Miles & More airline partners but also using star Alliance.

To attain your standing, you require at least 35,000 standing miles or even 30 trip segments in 1 calendar year.

It is possible to see your existing advancement in status direction.

The Main privileges for Regular Travellers

  • Regular Traveller standing card and bag label

When you’re designated as a Regular Traveller, then you get a silver Status card, which will be valid for no less than two decades, in addition to a high quality bag label at the status color.

Irrespective of the traveling course you’ve booked, if traveling on scheduled flights operated by Miles & More airline spouses you may use the company Class check-in countertops.

Please be aware that the check-in deadlines to your favorite travel course.

It’ll be even faster for you at airports that have a priority check region (presently Frankfurt/Main and Munich).

Relax before your trip, for instance in Nordic Business Lounges, Brussels Airlines Lounges, the exclusive Lufthansa Business Lounges along with also the SWISS Business Class Lounges.

With frequent flyer status, most airlines will make It Possible for you to fly more bags. For additional information about luggage regulations, please visit the advice of the appropriate airline.

  • Endless validity of award-winning

Provided that you stay a standing member, your award winning miles don’t expire – so which it is possible to store them up for important destinations.

With a few airline partners, you will receive 25 percent more status and HON Circle miles, as well as up to 50% more award miles, with all the Executive Bonus.

The third greatest waiting list priority on all flights operated by Star Alliance, this doesn’t apply for updates and award winning flights.

  • Start redeeming miles whenever you want

You’ve got several choices for measuring award miles to get status miles. All members have the choice correlated with many Miles & More credit cards; regular travellers may gain from a mileage trade.

The next general requirements for credit card holders employ to measuring award miles for standing miles.

That applies to award miles which you obtained for credit card purchases from the present and preceding calendar year.

Welcome, promotional and multiple miles etc. are excluded in the mileage market.

Your traded miles will be credited for a mileage accounts as Status miles for the present calendar year, and also the corresponding award miles will be deducted. A market that has been confirmed cannot be reversed.

When and how do your miles expire?

Unless they’ve been utilized, perish at the close of the quarter. It will notify you regarding mileage expiry from the next manner:

The miles which are expected to expire in the conclusion of this current quarter and in the end of the subsequent quarter are displayed within your online announcement.

You will Get a list of each of the miles which are expected to expire in the conclusion of this current quarter Roughly two weeks beforehand on your on line publication, which you may subscribe to this .

The miles you got for this particular flight will perish after 36 Months at the conclusion of the following quarter

Unblock the other statuses of the Brussels Airlines miles and more programs?

Which are status-relevant flights and also just how many flight sections do I want to get a standing using Miles & More? “Become a Regular Traveller using 30 flights”, it provides you the Chance of qualifying for Regular Traveller standing with 30 flight Segments, given that these flights are operated with Lufthansa, Eurowings, Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Luxair or even SWISS. You’ll find a counter showing your advancement on your Miles & More account below “Status-relevant flights”.

You can’t reach Senator or even HON Circle standing with a certain number of flight sections. Both status amounts are just awarded if you’ve earned the essential variety of standing or HON Circle miles.

Simple to comprehend point system for greater transparency

Later on, Regular Traveler and also Senator Status will be allowed for lifetime for long-term devotion.


Brussels Airlines is simplifying its own standing app and supplying its clients a much easier and more transparent method of making miles to accomplish and maintain regular traveler, Senator and also HON Circle levels.

Later on, Regular traveler and also Senator Passengers will likely be awarded their life status by the airways, in appreciation of the longstanding devotion.

A Synopsis of the main modifications:

– Factors system replaces standing miles

Besides award miles to get their trip, guests may get points instead of present standing and HON Circle miles. The amount of factors which could be gathered on a trip depends on just two standards: the course of travel and if the flight is either intercontinental.

– Frequent flyer standing for faithful clients

As previously, points may be gathered on airlines in the Star Alliance network, such as standing miles. This usually means that half of those necessary points have to be gathered with those drivers. Thus, regular flyers could eventually become associates of the HON Circle solely by flying the above airlines. Another new feature is the fact that it’s also feasible to collect things to be part of the HON Circle with flights from Economy and Premium Economy.

– Regular traveller and Senator for lifetime

Later on, faithful long-time travelers will probably soon be termed Frequent Traveler and also Senator for life.

– Stage and Period of accumulation

Later on, the duration of validity of this statute will probably be one year up to a max of 26 weeks. The time period to collect the necessary points for many levels of regular flyers is one calendar year.

The Miles & More bonus application remains unchanged. Star miles are miles which could be gathered in regular life or while travel from air, rental car, hotel stays and much more, then redeemed for awards or providers non-monetary.

Additional info, a thorough breakdown of the new points program along with a point’s calculator is located in

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