Miles&More: You can upgrade on Brussels Airlines flights using your miles

Utilize your award miles to get an update to a higher service course. You can book online, right in the check desk or through the regional Miles & More. Besides award miles, then you could even get an eVoucher to reserve an update award. It already wants you bon voyage.

Find out the best way to perform an update handily and easily online.

Here is how it operates                                                                 

  • Head to this web address
  • Click ‘Book update today’
  • Click ‘Upgrade’
  • Pick whether you want to redeem an eVoucher

In the event the flight you need isn’t displayed on your outline, you may add it in the search display utilizing the reservation code.

Upgrade terms and conditions for Brussels Airlines flights

International European flights

Travel class booked Booking class Upgrade in Miles
Economy B, H, M, U, Y Business 10,000
Economy Q, V, W, S Business 15,000
Economy K, L, E, T Business 20,000

Flights between Europe and the Middle East, the Caucasus, North Africa, Central Africa

Travel class booked Booking class Upgrade in Miles
Economy B, Y Business 30,000
Economy H, M, Q, S, U, V, W Business 35,000
Premium Economy G, E Business 20,000

Flights between Europe and India, North America, South Africa

Travel class booked Booking class Upgrade in Miles
Economy B, Y Business 35,000
Economy H, M, Q, S, U, V, W Business 50,000
Premium Economy G Business 20,000
Premium Economy E Business 30,000

On the lookout for a bargain to enjoy increased comfort on your forthcoming flight?

Here is your opportunity to bid for priority assistance, a comfy full apartment bed, gourmet dining and luxurious couches.

How do you take part?

What’s greater relaxation value? Indicate how much you are ready to pay along with a ticket.

Enter your payment information safely. You’ll be billed only if your bidding is successful.

Expect a response any period between 5 days and 48 hours prior departure. No matter the outcome, it will inform you by email.

It is easy, you will either enjoy increased luxury or you just don’t cover. Based on what you are bidding for, once your bid is successful, you can gain:

– Gourmet dining room in Business Course in its intercontinental flights.

– Seats at the front part of the plane or in another cottage.

You can upgrade your economy class even before landing in Brussels. Just click the link for a special deal on airfares and book your upgrade ticket to Brussels Airlines before landing. In fact, to get such an offer you may need to call several times as some of these companies may have started offering this special deal only on their website, and don’t forget to quote the price of upgrade economy as well as the normal economy class flight too.

The special upgrade fares are priced at regular economy prices but the benefits include access to all the benefits of the business and first class airline services. With Miles and More offer you not just the regular economy class flights but also premium economy and business flights. So, no matter what the reason is, whether you want to earn miles or just want to visit Brussels, you can do it with Miles and More upgrade. This travel service is available across Europe and they serve almost all the major cities like London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Bratislava, Prague, London, Munich and other major cities in Europe as well as worldwide destinations.

Now, as this offer is not very popular in the United Kingdom, some airlines might be hesitant in offering such special deals but in fact they are doing so in order to keep their reputation clean. It is said that most fliers in UK do not prefer economy to business and vice versa. This is because of the perception that flying in economy class costs less than flying in business class. Also, there are few fliers who do not like to take any risk and like to stay with economy. In fact, there are many fliers who would like to earn miles or at least wish to earn a discount by booking economy.

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