Online check-in for a Brussels Airlines flight: the different options offered by the Belgian company

There are lots of techniques to check in to the Brussels Airlines trip. For the convenience, it provides several check-in alternatives and methods to shed off bags that are checked. However you opt to check, be sure to arrive at the airport in time and admire your check-in deadlines.

Assess in regardless of where you’re:

– By pc, tablet computer or smartphone

– Open out of 24h till 1h before passing

– Select or alter your seat

– Insert your frequent flyer collection

– Mobile vanity or boarding pass through email

– Proceed to

Mobile Program check-in: Check in using all the Brussels Airlines program

By its cellular program in your smartphone:

– Open from 24h before 1h before passing

– Select or alter your seat

– Insert your frequent flyer collection

– Mobile vanity

– Download app by App shop or even Google Play

Automated Check-in solution

– Register for automatic check-in

– Get your cellular traveling pass 24h before passing

– Change your chair if desired

– Insert your frequent flyer collection

– Mobile boarding pass

– Register through its Service Centre along with your travel agent

Express service check-in

Rate your way through the airport:

– Self-service units in the airport

– Select or alter your chair

– Insert your frequent flyer collection

– Publish your boarding

– Accessible at Brussels Airport and additional European Enforcement

Airport check desks

Check-in in its committed desks:

– Manned check-in lounges in the airport

– Its check representatives will look after the entire check-in procedure for you

– Committed counters for both Premium Economy and Business Class

City check-in Africa

Exclusive check-in agency at Africa:

– Check-in in its town office to prevent airport queues

Our team will look after the Entire check-in procedure for you:

– Reduce your checked luggage

– Check-in through the day to your day flight.

Returning Within One Day (24 hours)

If you are returning within 24 hours, then you can always check in to your outbound and return flight at exactly the exact same moment.

The best way to shed your bags

When you are already checked, it is possible to move right to a gate. Or you could opt to check on your hand luggage for free in its check desks.

If you are already checked, you can shed your bags that are checked at check-in desks.

Our bags drop-off components

If you are already assessed in and just need to shed off assessed Bags, you may use its private bags drop-off units. Just Scan your boarding pass and check out the directions. It should just take a couple of minutes.

Brussels Airport Check-in deadlines

  • Check-in for Specific Assist

If you asked help, please introduce yourself (after checking in on your flight) in the special aid desk:

70 minutes ahead of departure for flights in Europe

1 hour 40 minutes prior to departure to get intercontinental flights

  • Passing from the other airport

In other airports, distinct check-in deadlines are all applicable to Guarantee your flight can leave punctually. You can assess the newest Check time in your e-ticket.

Automated Check-in service

Pick its Automated Check-in support on Brussels Airlines-operated flights and Revel in a much more carefree traveling experience. With this support, you don’t need to Consider Assessing in on the internet or in the airport. Rather, we’ll do the job for you by assessing you in on your trip and sending your cellular boarding Repeat 24 hours before departure. You can opt to receive your dressing Pass by email (printable PDF document or cellular dressing pass) or through SMS Link to your cellular boarding move, whichever manner you want.

How automatic care functions?

Neighbourhood deal or a travel agent and let them know if you’d love to get your boarding pass by SMS connection or from email (printable PDF document or cellular dressing pass).

– Seats: For those who have not already picked a chair throughout your booking, we’ll assign to you. If you’d like to Change that, just click the seat number in your own boarding pass, and You’ll have the ability to select a new one on line or through phone.

– After traveling to certain nations, Added Passenger Info (API) is needed. You’ll be asked to Supply this Advice when you reserve your own flight. In the Event the API information is missing from your own booking, automatic check-in won’t be possible, and it all shall send you a notification rather.

What’s express check?

If you are flying from Brussels Airport to a few of the European destinations, then you may use the state check-in machines at the exit area.

It’s possible to make use of these machines to pick your chair and then print your boarding pass. If you are travelling with checked luggage, please visit the check desks rather to prevent queuing twice.

How can you check in hold bags?

You can check on your luggage by dropping these off in the airport check desks, even in the event that you’ve checked out on the internet or through the program.

Air port it recommends to create use of the self explanatory baggage drop-off components rather. Don’t forget to shed your checked luggage prior to the check deadline.

Do you want to check if you are just travelling with hand luggage?

Even when you’re just travelling with hand luggage, you still ought to check in for the flight. If you’ve checked in online, you may directly visit the gate after arriving in the airport. Ensure your luggage is inside the dimensions and weight limitations, does not contain any hazardous products and complies with all regulations concerning gels and fluids. As an alternative, you are able to make the most of its newest free hand luggage check-in support.

And when is the earliest you will check in online?

Online check-in for many flights operated with Brussels Airlines opens 24 hours prior to departure. Should you make your reservation on the internet; you must obtain an email, allowing you to look at online.

Could you test in online when my trip is operated by a companion airline?

You may just check in online on for flights controlled from Brussels Airlines. For The flights or portions of your trip that are controlled by one of its spouse drivers, you have to check in at the airport or even around the spouse Airline’s site.

Can Brussels Airlines have internet approval?

Brussels Airlines online check is readily available for you to Check-in around 24 hours before passing around 1 hour prior to departure.

If you’re returning within 24 hours, then you can check to your returning and departing flights in exactly the identical moment.

Could you use web/mobile check when you have luggage to test?

If You’re traveling with enrolled luggage, then simply drop it Off in a Brussels tote drop-off tip beside the check-in region and

Should you intend to check in at the airport, then just how long should you allot?

Europe: newest drop-off time to your luggage is 40 minutes before departure.

Long-haul flights: newest drop-off time to your luggage is 70 minutes before departure.

Departing in New York: Newest drop-off time to your luggage is 90 minutes before departure


Why cannot you check-in online?

You’re able to check in online on or by its cellular program (download today about the App Shop or even Google Play).

If you’re Not Able to check in online, a few of the most frequent reasons are:

  • You do not have a booking using Brussels Airlines;
  • When you reserve on, you need to be given a booking Reference through email inside a couple of minutes after finishing your payment. Folder ), your reservation could have yet to be successful. If this is True;
  • A ticket is a record issued along with your booking. It’s a proof of payment which verifies your booking. Read more about exactly what type of ticket is and the way to realize it.

If you’ve obtained a booking reference however no more ticket(s), a thing can Have gone wrong along with your payment. In Cases like This, no tickets would be issued. Do not worry, simply call with its Service Centre.

Your airport isn’t controlled by Brussels Airlines

In This circumstance, you’ll have to check in through the airline that’s working Your own flight. You can discover which airline is currently working your flight in your ticket. Bear in mind you might also check at the airport.

Your trip has been cancelled

If your flight was cancelled, you’ll be given a notification by Email or text message in Brussels Airlines. The notification will also consist of advice and/or directions regarding your rebooking.

Recall this Brussels Airlines can simply send airport alarms if you’ve supplied your right contact particulars. You are too early or too late to get online/app check-in.

Online Check-in and cellular program check-in available 24 hours ahead of departure and Close 1 hour prior to departure. If you reserved through, you need to get an email reminder to check out on line.

You are attempting to check to get another flight and you have not checked in to your very first trip yet.

If you’ve got several flights (linking flights operated by 2 or more Airlines, please be certain you check in to your initial. You may have used specific characters (e.g. äöèé) on your title.

Please contact your family name exactly as written on your reservation confirmation or in your e-ticket. You’ve booked using a travel service.

Traveling Agencies and tour operators can use different reference amounts in their reservation systems. In cases like this, that the Brussels Airlines check-in instrument isn’t supported and consequently it can’t assess you in online.

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