Brussels Airlines: A pilots’ strike may take place at the end of the month

The call to stop work is scheduled at Brussels Airlines at the end of June and for a few days during the beginning of next July.

The Belgian airline is facing a shortage of pilots, and it will be possible that members of its commercial cabin crew take the same steps.

Cancellation of flights, endless queues, the lack of staff and pilots at Brussels Airlines is enough to annoy those who wish to take its flights soon.

So much so that the unions concerned no longer hesitate to brandish the ultimate threat: a strike. In Belgium, the union which brings together the pilots, says it is ready for large-scale action at the end of the current month. The strike denounces pilots dissatisfied with current working conditions including rostering and wages.

According to Olivier Van Camp, secretary of BBTK, “Something has to change, we can’t go on like this. If we don’t have an agreement, we will start with industrial action at the end of June, including stoppages of work”.

As a reminder, Brussels Airlines is still suffering from the big losses recorded over the past two years due to covid. The airline based at Brussels airport has requested a loan of nearly three hundred million Euros from the Belgian state and must repay it within two years.

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