Traveling by airplane during pregnancy, which Brussels Airlines requires of pregnant women

Pregnant women in ordinary health Can Traveling by air around the 36th week Of the maternity, or till 4 months before the anticipated due date. Mothers-to-be who’ve attained the 37th week of pregnancy are now just permitted on flights inside Europe, given they’ve obtained a medical clearance in its Medical Assistance Service Team.

Past the 28th week of pregnancy, it’s suggested that expectant moms take a present letter out of a physician, for example: If the pregnancy continues without complications, then you also must have a Medical care if you want to fly past the 28th week of pregnancy. Please submit your physician’s certificate, saying that you’re physically fit to fly within 72 hours of their scheduled time of departure.

Without medical records or certification to demonstrate the anticipated due date, then you might be denied boarding for security reasons.

Do you want to reserve a trip to your yet unborn infant?

Babies as many as 2 years old could be added into a Present booking at any given Time, given they’ll be travelling in your own lap. If you’re planning to fly after giving birth, then it proposes you book your trip today and also contact its Service Centre as soon as you’ve welcomed your infant to the whole world. To finish your booking, we’ll want the specific date of birth and name as written about the infant’s documents.

Would you prefer to reserve a seat for the infant? Then You’ll Have to Wait till after the arrival to reserve your own flight. A chair may only be reserved while the date of birth and name are understood.

Bear in mind that new-born babies aren’t permitted to fly through the 7 days after birth.

Contact its Medical Assistance Co-ordination Service for more information:

Phone: +32 2 723 3703 or Fax: +32 2 723 3705


Opening hours: Monday till Friday: from 9AM – 4 PM Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: from 9AM – 1 PM

Have you been really expecting and want to reserve a trip for your unborn infant?

In case the infant will journey about the parents’ lapsthen only reserve a trip for those parents. When the infant is born, and then please phone the Service Centre to bring the infant to the reservation.

If you wish to reserve a seat for the infant, then you are going to need to wait until he’s born. Bear in mind that in the event you would like to reserve a seat for the infant, you want to telephone the Service Centre. This can’t be achieved online.

You are pregnant, which files are expected to fly?

Passengers are suggested to go with a letter by a physician who comprises the following:

– Affirmation that the pregnancy is progressing without issues the anticipated due date.

– An announcement which the patient’s pregnancy doesn’t stop her from traveling with air

Medical clearance is Necessary for pregnant girls with:

– Complex pregnancies,

– Twins or multiple pregnancies, (no authorization to travel by plane after the 28th week of pregnancy).

Could you fly being pregnant?

Provided that you’ve got a complication-free pregnancy, then you are able to fly to and throughout the 36th week of pregnancy. A medical certification saying your expected due date may be required. If during the pregnancy, then it needs extra information out of you.

What do you do to help your infant’s or kid’s ears during the trip?

On take-off and landing, it urges breastfeeding your infant, providing him a bottle or even a dummy and giving older kids a candy: sucking will help equalise ear strain.

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