Traveling in Premium Economy with Brussels Airlines: Discover the comfort reserved for you by the Belgian company

Premium Economy Class is a part of the renewed Intercontinental cottage and focuses on relaxation and privacy. The Premium Economy Class has been a separate cabin and is made up of 21 seats in a 2-3-2 configuration on 3 inches.

In Premium Economy Class, then you’ll like a wider seat with much more legroom, in-flight entertainment on a huge touch screen, complimentary meals and beverages, sofa access from a fee and far more.

Premium Economy Class can be obtained for travelling on flights between Europe and North America. Premium Economy Class will be gradually introduced to its African network.

Enjoy the Relaxation of your space

Enjoy a premium chair with enhanced private distance. The enlarged Armrest between your neighbor and yourself lets you travel. 23% more legroom than at Economy, a wider seat having a larger headrest along with a generous 40° seat recline, 56 percent over in Economy permit for a relaxing sleeping. For even more comfort, all chairs are equipped with a huge footrest, or to get chairs in front, using a retractable leg break.

Allow your worries float off

In Premium Economy courses across Europe or, should you would rather keep productive during your trip, the massive tray table is great for working. Together with access to power sockets, you’ll never run out of juice.

Our cozy and friendly team will serve you free meals and beverages and also a special treat during your trip.

In Brussels Airport, superior check desks anticipate you to create the maximum of your precious time. Moreover, you may also access its Small Business Lounges at Brussels Airport from a charge.

Brussels Airlines introduces its Premium Economy Class in Africa

With 84 flights per week and 17 destinations in sub-Saharan Africa, the African continent remains the most important market for Brussels Airlines. To better serve its passengers, Brussels Airlines is gradually introducing its brand new Premium Economy Class on its African routes.

Airbus A330s with fresh interiors, together with installing a refreshed business-class solution, Brussels has got this chance to put in a brand new premium economy cabin about the reconfigured airplanes.

Can your experience in superior market be another?

Ever since introducing superior market cabins a couple of years back, have not been good about incorporating award graphs for superior market award chairs. What’s more, many airlines do not yet support redeeming miles for superior market awards partner airlines.

To reserve awards Brussels Airlines, you would traditionally consider shifting charge card things on Air Canada or even mileage.

After obtaining your published vanity, it turned out to safety. You didn’t really use the principal security checkpoint, because you tried the newest VIP One ceremony.

With no VIP One support, you would have probably waited another 45 minutes to clear security, because Brussels Airlines premium market passengers are not entitled to utilize company and first-class priority safety lanes.

After airside, you headed right to the playground region. Premium market on Brussels Airlines does not confer sofa access, so you waited in the gate for boarding to start.

The aisles between the chairs were not broad enough for regular roll boards, and the chairs had seen better days. Obviously, there were not any electricity outlets or USB interfaces in sight.

Following an economy-level floor encounter, you could not wait for boarding to start. My fellow passengers obviously felt the exact same manner, because lines began forming 15 minutes prior to the scheduled boarding time

Cabin and seat

The very best aspect of this Brussels premium market experience is that the chair itself. The seats were of typical diameter, but the approximately 7-inch recline is rather generous to get a premium market merchandise.

Brussels Airlines elevates recline as 40 levels; although you do not travel using a protractor, you are likely to think them.

The seat itself is rather comfortable, with soft cloth padding and a flexible, darkened headrest to whiten your neck after sleep.

Seats were distributed over three rows at a 2-3-2 configuration. The bulkhead chairs had equally leg rests and footrests, although the remaining chairs just had footrests.

Apart from the literature pocket at the seatback, there is not much storage area. There is a little bottle holder between every pair of chairs, which might be used to your own phone and eyeglasses if you did not have water jar to put away.

The tray table tucked from the armrest between chairs and quantified 16.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches lots big for the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro. The table slipped backward and forward, and also the aisle armrest may be lowered and raised, which makes it effortless to wake up during the meal services.

The overhead bins had been regular dimensions to get the Airbus A330, therefore that you had no problems saving your carry-on luggage.

Brussels did not set up overhead air nozzles, a significant mistake in my novel. The team should have been yearning for summer, since they maintained the cabin temperature at the low 80s to get a fantastic section of the trip.

You will find five lavatories shared between market and superior market. Four were at the center of the market cottage, and one had been the way in the rear of the airplane. Though they had been kept fairly clean during the trip, there is a delay to use them since you had numerous passengers competing for exactly the exact same five restrooms.

Commodities and IFE

The premium market experience essentially ended with the entire tricky item. You felt as though you had been flying in market for the remainder of the trip.

I had been frustrated with the absence of conveniences and lacklustre in-flight-entertainment choice around the Airbus A330.

There is a cushion, blanket and set of cans awaiting you seat upon dressing. The cushion is rather extravagant, however, the blanket is too sparse and narrow to my liking (and has been almost equal to the one offered to market passengers).

The cans appeared and looked like they had been bought at a nearby dollar shop and certainly did not match the superior market vibe. Unlike other premium market goods, there isn’t any amenity kit available.

While every premium market chair had a 13.3-inch touch screen monitor, the true IFE content has been rather restricted. There were 37 films and four TV shows online offer.

In the event that you had difficulty reaching the display, then there is likewise a distant that may be used to browse across the IFE.

The fantastic thing is you will not need to be concerned about running out of juice.

Foods and Beverage

Some airlines attempt to distinguish premium Market food and drinks out of markets with pre departure drinks, published menus or foods served on appropriate tableware. Brussels Airlines did not of this. In reality, you almost could not tell the difference between the meals and beverages served to premium market and economy passengers.

After the foods were dispersed, a beverage cart arrived with soft and hard beverages. You asked the flight attendant concerning the spirits choice for superior market, and also she explained that market and superior market had exactly the exact same alcohol choices. So far for a “superior” encounter.

Throughout the dinner, you headed to market to learn what those passengers have been served, much to my shock, the major meals the specific same quantity and demonstration.

The only real differences that the piece of Monterey Jack cheese which has been added to the top market tray

The foods were accumulated approximately two weeks after takeoff, and it is not terrible for a brief transatlantic red-eye.

You got about 3 hours of sleep until the breakfast carts seemed. There is not any option for breakfast, and also superior markets once more served the exact same meal as market.

The menu had 2 different rolls, a Strawberry-banana orange, carrot juice and a hybrid (and flavorless) croissant roster.

Producers are conflicted in the way they deal with and function premium market cottages. Some provide an increased service such as business course, and many others settle with market support. Brussels Airlines certainly fits into the latter group.

The remainder of the support experiences is completely underwhelming. Since you said, all foods were served in the very same carts as market, along with the flight attendants did not pay clearly more focus on superior economy passengers.

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