Brussels Airlines (Quarter 2023): Results are loss-making despite the increase in revenues

Brussels Airlines has just announced its results for the first quarter of 2023, and although it still shows a loss, it has improved significantly compared to the previous quarter. The airline closed its first quarter with a loss of -44 million euros, marking a positive change from the previous quarter.

The Belgian airline has had to face a difficult period due to the pandemic, which has strongly affected the airline industry. However, the company has worked tirelessly to improve its financial situation and operations, and the results for the first quarter of this year are a testament to the efforts made by the airline.

Despite the loss of -44 million euros, the national airline saw a considerable improvement compared to the previous quarter, when it recorded a loss of -103 million euros. This is a significant improvement of almost 60 million euros, indicating that Brussels Airlines’ strategy to manage costs, restore demand and increase revenue is starting to bear fruit.

Brussels Airlines’ revenues also increased by 29% compared to the previous quarter, reaching 280 million euros. This growth is mainly attributed to the gradual resumption of flights and the reopening of borders, which have led to an increase in travel demand.

Additionally, the airline continued to invest in its passenger experience by introducing various initiatives such as the launch of its new lounge at Brussels Airport and the implementation of new in-flight services. These measures aim to improve customer satisfaction, which is essential for attracting and retaining them.

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