Brussels Airlines: A record summer propelled by profitability

Brussels Airlines, Belgium’s proud national airline, has just announced the most successful results in its summer history. Between July and September of this year, the company carried an impressive crowd of 2.4 million passengers on nearly eighteen thousand flights, serving ninety-one destinations in forty countries. These statistics, coupled with an exceptional occupancy rate of 85.2%, were the pillars of the company’s success during the summer season.

Expansion and profitability

One of the keys to Brussels Airlines’ profitability lies in the substantial growth in its sales. In the third quarter of this year, turnover showed a notable increase of 10%, reaching an impressive total of 478 million euros. A performance which clearly stands out from the 436 million euros in turnover recorded during the same period last year.

Exceptional service and customer engagement

The airline’s triumph can be attributed to several factors, including its commitment to superior services and exceptional customer experience. From comfortable seats to first-class in-flight meals, Brussels Airlines has made every effort to ensure complete passenger satisfaction.

At the same time as its revenues increase, the Belgian carrier wants to increase its workforce to adapt to future challenges. With a team of two hundred and forty employees, the Belgian carrier plans to recruit around three hundred and sixty new employees by the end of next year. This expansion not only provides employment opportunities, but also allows the airline to improve its operations and customer service capabilities.

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