Brussels Airlines: Passengers with reduced mobility / disabled

Check-in at Brussels Airlines for particular assistance

If you have requested special help, please go to the special help desk after checking in for your flight:

– 70 minutes prior to departure for flights within Europe

– 1 hour 40 minutes before departure for intercontinental flights

Travelling using a wheelchair, or another mobility support or medical gear?

Constantly contact us at least 48 hours beforehand, even in the event that you don’t need its help.

Though It’s not mandatory, its invite you to notify us about the essence of your medical issue (e.g. pacemaker, decreased Freedom, etc.) in order it could be prepared. His way of requesting special assistance requires assistance at the airport and in the flight.

Ask Support in the airport

When You Have trouble walking long distances and also do not need extra Help in your own flight, you can ask for help at the airport at no cost. It is going to be certain there’s a cart or wheelchair readily available to assist you reach your trip.

Request assistance in the airport instantly after reserving (or in the most recent 48h prior to your flight) by filling at this type and sending it directly into

Request special help

If your requirements are more particular, it’s best to notify its specific Assistance team beforehand. In this manner, it could take all necessary steps to make your trip as easy as possible.

Ask your specific help at the time of your reservation or in the Latest 48 hours prior to departure. The distinctive assistance service is at no cost.

Inform its Service Centre broker or your travel representative on your medical requirements. They’ll direct you through the procedure.

Finish the MEDIF form if requested

In some specific scenarios, you’ll be requested to fill from the MEDIF type. This Medical type helps us evaluate whether you’re able to journey and how it could assist you.

This form has to be done by your physician and returned via or facsimile (+32 2 723 3705).

To learn more specialised queries (on your own wheelchair, medical equipment, etc.) that you can get in touch with its MEDA team.


If you have reserved on or Alternative travel Sites: Contact us immediately after completing your booking

Medical Assistance Co-ordination Service (MEDA):


Phone: + 32 2 723 8014 (for US : +1 866 308 2230)

Fax: +32 2 723 3705

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri : 9h00 – 12h30 & 13h30 – 16h00

Sat, Sun & bank holidays: 9h00 – 13h00

Travelling alone or using a companion in a few scenarios, it may be suitable to talk with a buddy or relative who can aid you.

Even If you’re fully capable of becoming independent from your everyday Life, travelling by airplane is an out-of-the-ordinary circumstance. Sometimes, it may be suitable to talk with a buddy or relative who can aid you.

If you are considering flying in your own, do Not Forget that you want To have the ability to escape the airplane independently in the case of an emergency evacuation.

You are bound to traveling with a company if:

– In case you’re equally blind and blind.

– You’d need assistance within an emergency evacuation.

– You also can’t speak with flight attendants over security directions.

– In case you’re incapable to Comprehend or Adhere to the security demonstration.

Brussels Airlines reserves the right to deny you boarding when its team thinks you will not have the ability to travel independently.

Your flight travel with particular assistance when and the way to test in, particular aid on connecting flights, etc.

Notably in peak seasons, it urges to get there at two hours prior to flight departure.

In the check desk, You May Also shed any health equipment you Need check in, assuming you have asked this beforehand with us.

Should you still need to utilize your wheelchair or other mobility assist from the airport, then you are able to do this.

Visit the Exceptional help desk, even in the event that you don’t want help in the airport

As Soon as you’re checked, you are able to present yourself in the specific Aid reception desk. A exceptional help staff member of this airport may come to pick one up and deliver you to a gateby by cart.

Even in the event that you don’t need help at the airport, then you still need to Pass by the distinctive aid reception desk. In this manner the distinctive assistance group of the airport may make certain someone will soon be available to assist you in boarding.

In other airports it urges to inspect the airport’s site for the positioning of the distinctive aid desk.

Proceed to a departure gate

In Case You Haven’t requested help at the airport, then you can carry on To a departure gate later letting the distinctive aid reception desk know you’ve checked.

Upon arrival at your gate, then introduce to the gate agent. This Manner, the airport employees and its team can be certain to experience a smooth dressing and flight.

In case you have used your wheelchair or other mobility support in the Airport, you’ll need to give it into the gate agent to keep it in the grip. The airport particular assistance staff can allow you to board the airplane with no freedom assistance.

Assist about the flight

Our team will happily aid you as far as possible. But, There Are Particular things they’re not permitted to perform, for example:

– Assist from the bathroom

– Functioning or taking one

– Assistance with foods

– Administering medicine or supervising the management of medicine

If you’ve got a connecting flight, the distinctive assistance group of the linking airport is going to aid you between flights.

If your connecting flights have been managed by more than 1 airline, Bear in mind which you will need to ask for this help with the airline which flies you to the linking airport.

If you arrive in the gate, You’ll Be asked to stay seated until The distinctive assistance team of the coming airport is able to help you disembark.

If you’re travelling with a wheelchair, then You’ll Get it back At the entrance gate or in the luggage compartment. This Depends upon the coverage.

Blind, deaf or mute passengers its Particular Aid Staff is Pleased to help guests with a sensory Handicap

Its unique assistance staffs are pleased to assist guests that are:

  • Your manual dog is welcome to journey with us. Take a Look at Guide Along With Assistance Dogs to Learn More.
  • If you’re both deaf and blind, you need to travel with a company.

How can Brussels Airlines help you?

If necessary, the airport particular assistance staff will direct you throughout the airport. It is going to arrange advice in the transit airport also.

– Advice on board

Should you need help in your trip, then its cabin crew will happily assist you:

– Boarding and disembarking,

– stowing off your hand luggage,

– Launching packs of foods,

– Explanations concerning the arrangement of supper trays, if desired,

– Some private security briefing,

– Off site Information Regarding travel statements such as flaws.

Our team is going to do their utmost to assist you if desired. But there Are certain items they aren’t permitted to perform for security reasons.

Our team can’t:

– supply assistance from the bathroom

– raise or take you

– help you with foods

– administer medication or supervise the management of drug

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