Brussels Airlines: Baggage & Dogs for passengers with reduced mobility

Your flight travel with particular assistance when and the way to test in, particular help on linking flights, etc.

Notably in peak seasons, it urges to get there at two hours prior to flight departure. In the check desk, you may also shed any health equipment you need check in, assuming you have asked this beforehand with us.

Should you still need to utilize your wheelchair or other mobility assist from the airport, then you are able to do this. Visit the exceptional help desk, even in the event that you don’t want help in the airport.

As Soon as you’re checked, you are able to present yourself in the specific Aid reception desk. An exceptional help staff member of this airport may come to pick one up and deliver you to a gate by cart.

Even in the event that you don’t need help at the airport, then you still need to pass by the distinctive aid reception desk. In this manner the distinctive assistance group of the airport may make certain someone will soon be available to assist you in boarding.

In Brussels Airport: The Facilicom Particular Assistance desk is situated opposite check-in. In other airports it urges to inspect the airport’s site for the positioning of the distinctive aid desk.

Proceed to a departure gate

In case you haven’t requested help at the airport, then you can carry on to a departure gate later letting the distinctive aid reception desk know you’ve checked?

Upon arrival at your gate, then introduce to the gate agent. This manner, the airport employees and its team can be certain to experience a smooth dressing and flight.

In case you have used your wheelchair or other mobility support in the Airport, you’ll need to give it into the gate agent to keep it in the grip. The airport particular assistance staff can allow you to board the airplane with no freedom assistance.

Assist about the flight

Our team will happily aid you as far as possible. But, there are particular things they’re not permitted to perform, for example:

– Assist in the bathroom

– Functioning or taking one

– Assistance with foods

– Administering medicine or supervising the management of medicine

When you have a connecting flight?

The distinctive assistance group of the linking airport is going to aid you between flights.

If your connecting flights have been managed by more than 1 airline, bear in mind which you will need to ask for this help with the airline which flies you to the linking airport.

If you arrive in the gate, you’ll be asked to stay seated until the distinctive assistance team of the coming airport is able to help you disembark.

If you’re travelling with a wheelchair, then you’ll get it back at the entrance gate or in the Baggage compartment. This depends upon the coverage of the coming airport.

You will deliver a maximum of two mobility aids along with you

  • This service is at no cost

You can opt to deliver your mobility support in the check desk or it’s possible for you to use your wheelchair or rollator upwards before the gate, in which the airport employees will keep it at the aircraft. The airport unique aid staff will set up an airport shuttle or cart to direct one to your departure gate.

Upon entrance, your freedom support will be returned to you in the Entrance gate or in the luggage compartment. In the latter circumstance, the airport particular assistance staff will transfer you by cart or wheelchair into the luggage compartment.

Fixing the transport of your freedom help

Since the transport of any exceptional luggage is dependent upon the access to space in the grip, it is important to get hold of MEDA staff once possible:

Kinds of auto batteries and the way to protect them to get aviation

There are stringent rules for the transport of battery-powered apparatus from the grip, based upon your battery type, distinct transport guidelines use.

Gel-cell/ Dry-cell/ non-spillable wet batteries

Non-foldable/non-collapsible automobile: Your battery can stay on your wheelchair, provided that the electric circuits are isolated and the battery is securely attached to a wheelchair.

The eliminated battery might not surpass 300Wh (or to get a wheelchair which requires 2 batteries to function, every battery might not surpass 160Wh).

Non-foldable/non-collapsible automobile

Your battery can stay on your wheelchair, provided that the electric circuits are isolated and the battery is securely attached to a wheelchair.

If the glider is loaded, hauled and stored in an upright posture: The battery can remain in the wheelchair provided that if the wheelchair can’t be loaded, hauled and stored in an upright location:

– The battery has to be removed and sent as freight.

– The wheelchair itself may be carried as checked luggage.

    – They don’t have to be transported from the hold.

Might it be difficult for to walk long distances? Think about asking its special assistance in the airport. Its distinctive assistance staff will happily arrange a cart or wheelchair to bring one to your departure gate.

How can its team help you throughout your flight?

Our cabin crew will happily help you as far as possible:

– Assistance throughout boarding and disembarking

– Aid to store your hand luggage

– Available packs of foods

There Are Particular things that the crew aren’t permitted to perform, for example:

– Supply assistance from the bathroom

– Lift or take you

– Help you with foods

– Administer medication or supervise the carrying of drugs

For security reasons, team members aren’t authorised to lift or carry passengers between the passenger chair along with a wheelchair or to aid passengers during a trip to the toilet.

Passengers with reduced mobility must also remember that the bathrooms in a plane are usually rather modest.

Blind, deaf or mute passengers its particular aid staff is pleased to help guests with a sensory Handicap.

Our unique assistance staffs are pleased to assist guests that are your manual dog is welcome to journey with us. Take a Look in guide along with assistance dogs to Learn More. If you’re both deaf and blind, you need to travel with a company.

How can Brussels Airlines help you?

  • Advice in the airport

If necessary, the airport particular assistance staff will direct you throughout the airport. It is going to arrange advice in the transit airport also.

  • Advice on board

Should you need help in your trip, then its cabin crew will happily assist you:

– Boarding and disembarking

– Stowing off your hand luggage

– Opening packs of foods

– Explanations concerning the arrangement of supper trays, if desired

– A private security briefing

– One-to-one Information Regarding travel statements such as flaws

Its team is going to do their utmost to assist you if desired. But there are certain items they aren’t permitted to perform for security reasons.

Its team can’t:

– Offer help in the bathroom

– Lift or take you

– Help you with foods

– Administer medication or supervise the management of drug

Guide and help dog your guide dog or pet is advised to journey with you from the cottage, at no cost; is welcome to journey with you from the cottage, at no cost.

Prerequisites for dogs

To Be Sure that all its passengers undergo a nice flight, your guide dog needs to:

– Match in the distance in front of your chair and not sit in a passenger chair

– Have the ability to keep in Precisely the Same place for the Entire flight length

– Be procured by leash into the chair, You Need to be capable to perform yourself

– Rather wear a tap (along with muzzle) rather than an easy collar

Traveling documents on your own guide dog

For flights with a scheduled trip period of 2 hours or longer, you may require a written confirmation stating your service animal isn’t going to have to ease itself throughout the flight or may do this in a manner that doesn’t produce a health or sanitation problem within the flight.

Ensure that you obey the travel rules for both pets and service animals at the own destination.

Emotional aid puppies

Concerning psychological support animals, it just accepts:

– Casual support puppies, no additional critters

– pets which are acceptable for travelling at the cabin on flights to/from that the US, such as connecting flights to precisely the exact same reservation document.

On the other flights, your own emotional service dog will be hauled as a pet. It follows that, based on the dimensions and weight of your puppy; they’ll be transported from the cottage or at the grip. See its site on traveling with pets to learn more.

Traveling records for psychological support dogs

Besides complying with all the travel regulations for pets and pet animals in your destination, it now need an extra record in the Physician or certified health professional saying:

  • You’ve got an emotional/mental medical handicap and with the creature on the aircraft along with you is needed
  • They’re treating you to your affliction.
  • The date (the record might not be older than 1 year)
  • Their psychological health professional license and the authority or state where it had been issued.

Particular aid needs to be asked for visitors with psychological impairments to permit them to appreciate the many comfortable flight encounters possible.

Guests with a psychological handicap should also fly using a journey companion. As flying isn’t a regular event for most individuals, it is going to help to get a comfortable individual around in the event of sudden changes in the airport or through the trip.

Why traveling with a travel company?

Obtaining a plane isn’t an everyday affair. This means navigating through Unknown places, occasionally in crowded areas, and having the ability to deal with processes which could be stressful.

Important to rate their capacity to manage situations they’re unaccustomed to these as:

– Assessing through big foreign airports, occasionally with numerous terminals

– Recognizing and being able of following the processes of safety checkpoints, passport control and customs

    – Recognizing and communication with the team about security directions

Dealing with unforeseen situations like boarding gate change and program changes, turbulence, etc.

Bear in Mind that a traveling company is always compulsory for passengers who cannot assist themselves in the case of an emergency evacuation, cannot speak with the team or so are incapable of knowing security directions.

Medical and Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC)To ask medical oxygen or to make your own oxygen apparatus on board, then you have to notify its distinctive assistance team in the right time of booking.

Guests that need supplemental medical oxygen throughout the trip may:

– Ask medical oxygen given from Brussels Airlines

– Attract their particular Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) together

– Attract their Personal oxygen bottles or air tanks together

To ask medical oxygen or to make your own oxygen apparatus on plank, you have to notify its distinctive assistance team in the right time of booking. Your health care provider will also need to fulfill in the MEDIF type for us.

This lets us create the necessary preparations to your asked oxygen supply or assess if your private oxygen apparatus is permitted on board.

In the event you require medical oxygen in the airport also, you’ll need to get hold of the airport’s health department also.

Brussels Airlines can provide around 5.2 litres of oxygen per second on board. It recommends checking beforehand if this price is going to be reimbursed by your wellbeing insurance, so as medical costs has to be asked and paid for in the time of booking.

You will bring your personal POC on board together with you and utilize it throughout the flight provided your POC:

– Operates on non-spillable or lithium ion batteries (every lithium battery shouldn’t exceed 160Wh) along with the batteries are safeguarded by short-circuiting and packaged correctly.

– Has adequate battery power, considering potential delays or Hazards (150 percent of battery electricity is advocated).

Will not have to get joined to the power sockets of this aircraft, may be kept on board in accordance with security regulations.

If you’re bringing your POC on you, this must be accepted in progress by its distinctive aid staff. Your physician is going to need to fill out a MEDIF type along with also a POC type for acceptance.

Personal oxygen bottles or air compressors

You might bring your own little gaseous oxygen or air compressors for Medical usage on board. These things might be brought on board as hand luggage or checked luggage provided:

– Every canister does not exceed 5kg gross excess reduction. Additionally, this applies to tanks carried by clinically trained passengers.

If you’re bringing these health care instruments together with you, this has to be approved beforehand by its distinctive aid team.

Medicine, CPAP Apparatus and CAPD devices bringing health care apparatus and drugs with you. You are Permitted to draw small, mobile medical instruments (e.g. insulin Tester) or drugs (e.g. tablets, syringes, etc.) on your hand luggage, should you want them.

For drug, it recommends attracting in a sufficient supply with you on board along with a physician’s note verifying that you want them.

Most mobile devices may be packaged in your hand luggage with no issue, given that they comply with all its rules on digital devices and harmful products.

Speak to its distinctive aid staff if you would like to deliver such a device.

We constantly advocate bringing enough medicine for a few days, in the event of flight delays or additional disputes.

Consult your doctor for a notice verifying:

– The title of the drug That You’re taking on board

– The drug is for private use

– You want them at all times

Constant Positive Airway Pressure Device (CPAP)

– The unit will be switched off and stored away through take-off, landing and if the team deems it essential.

– To get CPAP powered by lithium ion batteries, each battery shouldn’t exceed 160Wh. To find out more, read its site on digital devices and harmful products.

If your CPAP does not fit on your hand luggage, you can make it together with You along with your hand luggage provided that it weighs maximum.

Charge your CPAP satisfactorily for the Whole flight involving a Margin for flight accidents, including charging a CPAP through the electricity outlets of this aircraft isn’t allowed.

Kidney Dialysis Machine along with Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialyses luggage (CAPD)

Kidney dialysis machines along with CAPD luggage may be packaged as hand bags or checked bags based upon what you require. On the other hand, the usage of a dialysis system on board isn’t permitted.

Kidney dialysis machines together with approximate measurements of 80x60x40cm And CAPD bags using dialysis option may caused board, totally free of charge.

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