Brussels Airlines is relaunching its fear of flying courses this month

For some people, the idea of flying can be anxiety-provoking or downright frightening. Understanding this, Brussels Airlines has relaunched its “Courses Against Fear of Flying” program to help passengers overcome their fears and feel more comfortable when travelling.

The course scheduled for this month of March, offered at 1000Euros is designed to guide participants through all aspects of air travel, from take-off to landing. The airline understands that knowledge can be a powerful tool in reducing anxiety, so it provides detailed explanations of flight mechanics and common noises passengers may hear during a flight. Additionally, participants learn relaxation techniques and strategies for coping with anxious thoughts and feelings.

The course also includes a practical component: a real flight on one of the Brussels Airlines planes. During this experience, participants have access to an experienced psychologist who can answer all their questions and offer additional support.

One of the unique aspects of the Brussels Airlines program is its emphasis on demystifying the aviation industry. Attendees have the opportunity to meet pilots and ask them questions about their craft, which helps reduce anxiety by normalizing the flying experience.

If you’re someone who struggles with fear or anxiety when it comes to air travel, Brussels Airlines’ “Fear of Flying Course” might be just what you need to calm down. your nerves and start enjoying your flights again. With its comprehensive curriculum and supportive environment, this program offers a great opportunity for anyone looking to overcome their fear of flying once and for all.

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