Brussels Airlines: Removal of more than seven hundred flights in July and August

The airline company Brussels Airlines plans to reduce the number of its flights during this month and next month by canceling seven hundred frequencies from its schedule scheduled for July and August.

This decision was taken in response to the strike of its staff triggered a strike a few days ago by demanding better working conditions among which was the reduction of the workload of working hours.

During this month, Brussels Airlines intends to cut 372 departures and in August, it will cut 303 flights.

After two years of turbulence, during which the overwhelming majority of airlines were forced to ground their fleets (due to the pandemic), traffic has resumed this year, and air carriers including Brussels Airlines have had to struggling to meet the high demand recorded by their passengers.

Recalling that a strike was announced by the union of pilots and flight crew members at the end of June, pushing the Belgian national carrier to cancel several and postpone its flights for several days.

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