Brussels Airlines: Resumption of flights after a short pilot strike

Brussels Airlines has announced the normal resumption of its operations following a significant strike by its pilots. This movement, which lasted 24 hours, had a significant impact, leading to the cancellation of 76 departures. Fortunately, the situation now appears to have stabilized, allowing affected passengers to continue their travels without further delay.

This strike, called by the pilots’ union and announced two days earlier, began on Saturday morning. The pilots’ demands focused on the introduction of extra-legal benefits in addition to their salary, a measure they considered essential to improve their purchasing power. Despite this, the management of Brussels Airlines refused to index these benefits, as pointed out by the socialist union BBTK.

Bemge’s rapid resumption of operations is a positive sign for passengers and their operator, although the underlying issues raised by the strike remain relevant. The company hopes that resolving the issues will lead to better harmony between management and its pilots.

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