Brussels Airlines shows green figures in 2023

Brussels Airlines had a prosperous year in 2023, marked by a significant increase in its turnover, which reached 1.6 billion euros. This growth reflects a remarkable increase in passenger traffic, underscoring the success and growing popularity of the Belgian airline.

With a 24% jump from the previous year, the number of passengers carried by the Belgian airline climbed to 8.29 million in 2023, signaling not only a robust recovery but also an expansion of its operations and base of customers.

This growth is accompanied by effective management of operational costs which, although up 14%, did not prevent the company from generating positive financial results.

The most notable improvement is seen in the EBIT (earnings before interest and tax) results, which stands at €53 million in 2023, marking a dramatic reversal from a negative balance sheet in 2022.

The remarkable progress of Brussels Airlines stands as a beacon of hope and resilience in the sometimes tumultuous landscape of Belgian air transport, marked by the challenges of repetitive strike movements. These strikes, mainly initiated by the pilots’ union, focus on important demands such as the revision of wages and working hours, reflecting underlying tensions in the sector.

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