The LOFT lounge of Brussels Airlines in BRU Airport

The LOFT: Treat yourself to an incredible experience in a luxurious lounge before each departure or arrival of a Brussels Airlines flight

THE LOFT from Brussels Airlines and Lexus is a Exceptional lounge Notion at Brussels Airport, made to satisfy your own needs to unwind, be successful or to be amused. To supply you with the very best experience possible, it had awakened with quality manufacturers and have expanded THE LOFT to almost twice its own size. The award winning couch was ideated with Lounge Experiences.

Expertise Wonderful

Brussels Airlines has teamed up with Lexus to deliver you its best luxury and layout in The Lexus Adventure region, motivated by Japan’s greatest conventions of omotenashi, This ancient Western philosophy of healing Every guest as a master in your home is among the heart Worth of her spouse Lexus and perfectly matches its own mantra “They have the extra smile”.

Lexus Design Award entrances, the artwork setup Lexus Parts Wall.

An ideal place to discover and savor the taste of Belgian cuisine

Because of Belgian food partners, it just offer you the best: Get your Daily dose of processed premium coffee by Belgian family-owned and yank your draft beer from AB InBev in Restaurant Tavern.

To be able to comply with governmental regulations, the company inadvertently adapted its catering offer.

Space to work

THE LOFT delivers a fashionable small business centre and a special premium meeting room with the most recent technologies to make sure you have all you will need to maximize your productivity if you would like to get some work done before your trip.

Exclusive VIP Place

HON Circle members will be pleased to know they have another VIP room accessible. This VIP region involves a state of the art Miele kitchenand a living area to relax or become productive prior to the flight along with also a changing art selection of overseas and Belgian artwork.

The Belgian signature

Numerous spaces with legendary Belgian inspiration. It Has a large wall Filled with historic items in the famed Tintin world, big touch Displays to discover entertaining games, plus a silent individual living area.

Brussels Airlines pay attention to all the details

  • Japanese SHIATSU Massage

In The soul of Omotenashi, Lexus determined that individuals travelling from the LS must take pleasure in the finest possible comfort and advantage. Chairs with Massage works are around for a little while. But, Lexus hunted To create this work more powerful than by consulting specialist Japanese Shiatsu masseurs how much pressure Ought to Be implemented, to Employing these Details, atmosphere bladders are incorporated to the seatbacks and Cushions that use pressure into the passenger’s trunk and reduced hip area To encourage both physical and psychological comfort. Such was the Degree of care and detail spent in this undertaking, passengers may select From no less than four different massage programs, every progressing.


Picture The gentle mists of Tierra del Fuego, hot summer rain at Bali and also the Array of colors in the Northern Lights. Participate in the tender sound of Sydney’s opera house, whilst undergoing the spray of Iceland’s Skógafoss waterfall at the Lexus Lounge. The GROHE AquaSymphony will Provide you all of these incredible sensations mixed together Into one ideal SPA encounter in your home. The most lavish Home shower on the planet.

  • A room to sleep like at home

The Sleep pods at THE LOFT from Lexus offer the chance to have a real Moment of relaxation and silence at the hectic traveling atmosphere. When Entering the guest sees themselves at a private area, including a Comfy apartment bed plus a gorgeous starry ceiling. The mood light, Accessories and materials have been carefully chosen to create the guest feel Like they’re sleeping at the oceans.

Our System not just simplifies the atmosphere flowing to the cottage, but utilizes nanoe Technology to deodorise it moisturising the skin and hair of occupants. Lexus passengers love a spa-fresh impression on birth.

The System auto-adjusts by understanding if a chair is occupied. Vents open in case it Is, but they stay closed. The automobile also feels the exterior And interior temperature to detect the best strength level and temperature For the machine. In extreme instances, like a hot summer afternoon or throughout the Winter, the machine opens all ports and, after its matches the proper Temperature, shuts the unneeded ones to save energy.

Enjoy the relaxation of the lounges

Needing an expert working environment for this significant Telephone, or to find any work done before departure safety management?

Ideally situated one floor over the passing hall, the Business Enterprise Lounge supplies a variety of alternatives for the modern business traveller like Wi-Fi, printing/copying providers, snacks & beverages, telephone booth, display using real time flight programs, etc..

Furthermore, If You’re looking for a Day Office or Meeting Room, do not be afraid to get Regus Brussels Airport Terminal Meeting Centre in, through tel. +32 two 753 26 60 or come and see the reception group. Access to the couch can be potential without airport ticket.

Regus Members can rely on another discount. Don’t be hesitant to request the Reception Team to your terms & conditions.

Passengers Place, together with boarding pass

All of airside lounges are closed. It expect to have the ability to welcome you shortly. The Loft Brussels is Your Sole Staying Star Alliance lounges in Brussels Airport.

Since the SAS Lounge Brussels closed a couple of weeks before, The Loft Brussels is now in fact the only couch in Brussels Airport. While relatively fresh, the couch has two big issues. To begin with, the couch will be quite crowded in rush hour. Secondly, different seating already appears fairly worn out.

Take a look at the review of your Loft Brussels

You certainly won’t regret your decision because the sofa is totally beautiful. The Loft Brussels has a lot of different seating locations. When there are many multifunctional tables, that are acceptable for dining and working, there are some high-top chairs right to the buffet.

Additionally, there are various locations, which can be outfitted with comfy armchairs, big leather seats with opinions of the tarmac along with some rather private suites.

Moreover, you will find so called nap cabs that it did not have the opportunity to find out while seeing The Loft Brussels. While the seats looks stunning in first sight, it is really not in the ideal condition.

This is quite surprising taking into consideration the couch is merely open for many months. Additionally, the sofa will be somewhat crowded, making it hard to have a great chair from time to time.

Still, there are lots of windows that make The Loft Brussels really bright. Certainly a major plus.

After a glimpse of the stunning chairs in The Loft Brussels, then I have to state I was quite amazed how thin the buffet had been.

Entertainment in the Loft Brussels

Something very great in The Loft Brussels would be the amusement choices. Upon enteringthere’s a place with a selection of papers and magazines into the best.

The Surface pills are offered free of cost

The option is completely adequate as you will find federal and several foreign alternatives out there. Upon going into the main couch, you will also find a wall with various Surface tables from Microsoft.

These are free to utilize and are a fantastic resource for some amusement. There is also a working place in The Loft Brussels and the moment you’re logged in the Wi-Fi, then you could also surf the net with your device.

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