Brussels Airlines: Travel documents you will need

The travel records you need depend on:

– Your Registration

– Your destination nation

– The motive for traveling

The most frequent travel documents you will want are: Where to discover which travel documents that you require for your particular circumstance?

Governmental sites along with your destination embassy would be the best Supply to figure out that travel documents you want. Ensure that you do so well beforehand, as some files might take a couple of weeks or months to get.

For many countries, you’re going to want an identification document like a passport or id card. Identification conformity assess for many passengers. This usually means that Brussels Airlines will assess whether the title on your own boarding pass matches precisely the title for your ID card or passport.

The ID card conformity test applies to:

– All of passengers, including children and infants

– All of Brussels Airlines flights, including flights involving Schengen states

– Your passport or ID card only. Driver’s permit, medical insurance cards, etc., aren’t accepted as legitimate travel identification records.

If the title on your own boarding pass and identification record do not match, you’ll be refused boarding.

Have a typo from the title in your booking?

Title adjustments (as many as 2 figures) could be carried out in a cost of $25. Advance passenger data to get non-Schengen flights.

Belgian law demands Brussels Airlines to accumulate your Advance Passenger Info (“API”) information, which can be cited in your passport or identification card, even in the event that you reserved a non-Schengen flight, out of and around Belgium.

These data should be gathered during check and you’ll thus be Required to supply this information via online check-in or in the airport.

Passenger data unit in flight closed. The information will be analysed with the info unit with the purpose of improving border management and combating illegal immigration.

Passengers travelling into the United Kingdom, China, Canada and also even the United States Should fulfill in their API throughout booking.

If you bypass this step, you Will Have to check at the airport, then as We will not have the ability to issue your boarding pass through our additional check-in Choices.

Traveling Visa & other Files

Based upon your destination, then you could also require a travel visa. Brussels Airlines can check for a legal visa prior to enabling passengers to board their flight. If you do not possess the mandatory travel visa to your destination, then you might be denied boarding and spiritual officials may deny you entrance to the nation.

Traveling transit in the USA

Citizens of all visa-exempt states May Use the Visa Waiver Program and use to an ESTA:

–    Apply on your ESTA in the Most Recent 72h before journey

–    Buy your ESTA on line here

You will also have to apply for an ESTA, also if the US isn’t your destination. Then you will want both an ESTA along with also an ETA.

Traveling transit at Canada

Citizens of all visa-exempt states are able to submit an application to get an Digital Traveling Companion:

Apply on your ETA in the Most Recent 72h before journey

Get your ETA on line

Have a connecting trip in Canada? You will also must make an application for an ETA, even though Canada isn’t your destination.

Citizens of all selected states can submit an application to get an e-visa to see Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad area. You’ll have to make a printed copy of your e-visa together with you to go into the nation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If applying to your e-visa, make sure you’re Initial and last name in your own e-visa are precisely the same as at the Machine-readable zone of your own passport. In the base of the identification page of your passport, also comprises.

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