Brussels Airlines: Unaccompanied child travel policy

Brussels Airlines has organized everything to make your child travel in optimal conditions

Brussels Airlines takes particular care of your kids in Case they will need to journey independently. It care for them during their whole trip, in the present time that you say goodbye in the airport before friends or family pick them up in their destination.

Teens between 12 and 18 years may likewise be viewed after as unaccompanied minors in the event the parents appointed defender doubt their capacity to travel independently.

Are added fees billed for unaccompanied children?

Yes, even a particular ceremony charge is charged along with the price of this flight. The fee cited below is appropriate to flights controlled from Brussels Airlines just, each section and per kid. Various fees may employ on partner airlines.

Airline Fee
within Europe (including Morocco, Armenia, Russia) €85
to Egypt €95
to Ivory Coast, Ghana, Gambia, Benin, Sierra Leone, Togo, Liberia, Senegal €115
to Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Rwanda*, Uganda, United States, Canada €125

Which files are required?

– Recent and readily identifiable portrait image of your kid

– Visa for your destination state, if appropriate

– Health certificate, if needed

– A finished form* to your child to travel independently

The form contains 2 pages. Make three copies and bring them to the airportfor you, you to enter your kid’s little bag (which he will get in the check desk) plus among us.

The procedure to be performed before departure

Proceed to the check-in region one hour prior to the hottest check-in period mentioned in the ticket. Its team will guide you and your kid into a committed help cancel (Facilicom Airport Services in Brussels Airport, near check-in Number 1).

Your kid is going to be given a bracelet using his/her title, flight number and destination. This bracelet cannot be eliminated and ought to remain around your child’s wrist throughout the whole trip.

Please remain in the airport before the flight is airborne

A flight attendant will appear after your kid during the whole flight. On European flights, even a beverage and a bite from our”buy-on-board” collection is going to be provided. On intercontinental flights, even a kid meal will be served with kids up to 9 decades. For kids between 9 and 11 decades, you can ask for a young child meal through the reserving of the distinctive support. Children from 12 decades and older may be given a typical meal.

The procedure to be performed on arrival of the flight

Upon arrival we’ll direct your child through the airport, then proceed through customs if appropriate and select up his/her luggage if necessary. Please take time in the airport to pick up the kid to prevent extra costs (e.g. food, return transportation, lodging, etc.)

Brussels Airlines; named after the Belgian city where it is based, is a world-leader when it comes to handling cases of unaccompanied minors. The airline has been able to overcome this challenge by offering its services at Europe’s busiest airport. The services are offered by both the airway and the hotel that a passenger lodges in when traveling from one European country to another. The airline strives to make these services accessible to its customers, regardless of whether they are flying during the day or at night.

When it comes to boarding, all passengers are required to show photo ID. These include passport, driving license, or a birth certificate. This is followed by a check, to see if the information presented is correct. Passengers who have already checked in will need to stay until boarding is complete. Once boarding is complete, the passenger must exit through the front door. Anyone who boards after that must go through a security check.

There are numerous benefits for families with children on board. First, there is an in-flight attendant who speaks to any minors waiting for a seat. This allows everyone to be in tune with what is taking place, so that there are no misunderstandings.

Second, there is a snack and coffee service. This is available throughout the flight, and can be availed of by paying an additional charge. In addition, parents may purchase drinks and snacks from an onboard cafe. All drinks and snacks are sugar-free, so there is no worry about developing an eating disorder.

Brussels Airlines has a number of child-friendly amenities. Many of them offer the luxury of watching TV. There are multiple channels with movie selection, including movies and family shows. Many channels offer movies in the languages of the children attending the school that they are vacationing in. This helps to ensure that children do not miss out on educational programming that they might want to watch.

Parents can purchase children’s food for their trip. There are several restaurants on the Brussels Airport that serve meals with a limited menu. A meal ticket can be purchased for an entire family, or one can be purchased for an individual traveler. There are also snack areas at certain times of the day that cater to children. These areas are located near most of the flights and are open to children during their boarding time. These locations are open until the children have been checked in.

The services offered by Brussels Airport are very well done

Most of the places where children can be found boarding are clean and sanitized. The food served is usually very tasty and nutritious. There are bathrooms available for children to use. There is even a location right next to the check-in desk that offers a shuttle service for parents arriving with children.

Parents are able to get great deals when they travel with children. Traveling with kids can be extremely trying, but it does not have to be difficult. Brussels Airlines can make the trip much more pleasant for parents by providing great service. There are several discount coupons available for parents online, which makes the price even lower.

Another great thing about this company is the number of child care attendants that are available to meet with children. This ensures that children do not miss their connecting flight. Furthermore, the children will not miss a connecting flight either. All of these services to make sure that parents have a wonderful time while they are on board.

The services offered by Brussels Airlines are great

When traveling with children, parents must realize that they will likely be missing some of the amenities that they are used to. Fortunately, Brussels Airlines offers great packages that include everything a family might need for a great vacation. These packages can be purchased online or through the phone. In order to ensure the safety of the children as well as the parents, all packages are subject to approval before takeoff.

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