Brussels Airlines wants to recruit nearly three hundred employees

Brussels Airlines is looking for 140 new permanent workers and 148 others on temporary contracts, announces Peter Gerber, the general manager of the Belgian airline, in an interview with the Dutch-language daily De Tijd.

These recruitments come two years after the adoption of the “Reboot Plus” restructuring plan, during which the Belgian airline (subsidiary of the German group Lufthansa) reduced its fleet, eliminated dozens of destinations and parted with a thousand employees.

Today, vacancies are not just for aircrew, but for functions across the entire company. Peter Gerber is not afraid that it will be difficult to find these approximately 288 future employees: “The job market is tight but, fortunately, there is still a lot of interest in working in aviation. And if you want to work in aviation, you prefer to work for Brussels Airlines“.

“Reboot Plus” now coming to an end, the Brussels Airlines leader is working on new growth plans, mainly for the next summer season: an additional long-haul aircraft will strengthen the fleet and some additional destinations in Europe will be added to the network. In January, the airline said it expected “a very busy summer season” and hoped most Covid-19 travel restrictions would lift.

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