Ten minutes of free parking, in front of the entrance to the Liege-Bierset Airport terminal

Accompany family, a friend or a colleague, without stress. This is also the pleasure of traveling with Liege Airport. The P1 and P2 car parks allow you to take advantage of 10 free minutes to unload luggage and passengers without rushing, at the gates of the airport terminal.

Do you need to reserve your parking space before your arrival? How much does it cost you a week to leave your car in the Liege Airport car park? Admit it, it asks ourselves all these questions before the big departure.

At Liege Airport, you do not need to reserve your parking space. Just a few meters from the check-in counters, this car park will accommodate your vehicles in complete safety during your trip abroad.

Price list

Duration Free
1 hour €2,00
1 day €15,00
1 week €90,00
> 1 week 7 € per additional day

Find parking easily near Liege Airport?

In Belgium, it is very difficult to find the ideal place for your car, whether it is a taxi parking or a drop-off. However, you can park your vehicle near Belgium airport. If you want to opt for this solution, know that the affordable formula is 42.8 euros on average. And this rate is set for a period of three days. But for a week, this price increases by 71.5 euros minimum.

A private car park near Brussels Airport ?

Also note that for a 7-day VTC parking in Brussels Airport, you will have to pay 89 euros. Based on surveys of Belgian airports, it has been observed that all the car parks found there are practically expensive.

Find an airport parking in Liege

If you opt for the Liege airport parking lot, you will have to pay 45 euros for three days and 60 euros for a week. But with regard to Charleroi airport, if you want to park there for 3 days, you are going to have to pay 53 Euros, but is more affordable if you park for a week, because the price is 81 euros.

Parking near the Belgian airport

If you choose Liege airport, the price will be 24 Euros if you park for three days, but 56 euros if you stay your car for a week in the car park. However, you should know that the prices of car parks in Belgium have increased since 2012; it has seen an increase of 6 and 18%.

Finding parking spaces in large cities is often an obstacle

Crowded streets, pedestrian areas, high prices? When you arrive in Brussels, finding a parking space near the airport will inevitably become one of your concerns.

Liege-Bierset airport has four official car parks inside the airport, covered parking P1, P2 and P3 in front of the departure terminal. P4 is more hidden away and cheaper on the outside. It is best to reserve your position to make sure there is a position, and it should be reserved on P4. A free shuttle is available at the P4 car park.

A car park is located directly in front of the Passenger Terminal, the Front Park offers secure parking in the immediate vicinity of the boarding counters. Less than a 2-minute walk from the main entrance, it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, leaving from Liege Airport means enjoying local, high-quality service with many destinations.

There are also two much cheaper general car parks outside the airport, where you can take a shuttle, reduction 1 and reduction 2 (600 parking spaces each). There are several secure unofficial parking lots and a free shuttle that takes up to 10 to 15 minutes. All airports are within ten kilometers of the airport.

The drop-off area allows passengers arriving by car to drop-off at the departure level. This minute’s ride allows you to park for free for 10 minutes. However, people must stay close to the vehicle. What if ten minutes is not enough? In the P1 and P2 car parks, you can park for half an hour for only 2 Euros. Another solution is not to spend money on the parking budget and to rent a vehicle when you are away. This will insure all the risk and you will even get paid.

Parking (time) Front Parking
60 minutes 2 EUR
1 day 15 EUR
2 days 30 EUR
3 days 45 EUR
1 week 90 EUR
2 weeks 139 EUR
3 weeks 188 EUR

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