Do you want to rent a car from Liege Airport so that you can explore the surroundings in peace?

Several rental agencies are present online and offer their services by reservation.

Third agglomeration of Belgium after Brussels and Antwerp and first Walloon agglomeration, Liege is one of the French-speaking cities in the East of Belgium to see absolutely.

City full of charms and surprises, Liege is known for its festive and warm atmosphere, hence its nickname “Cité Ardente”. Moreover, the friendliness of its inhabitants is no longer to be proven.

Liege is an old industrial city which is worth a detour for its heritage. Distinctive neighborhoods, a river (the Meuse), and a multitude of cultural activities: it’s impossible to get bored in Liege. In addition, it is easily accessible by car from neighboring countries including France.

The car rental company Hertz is present at Liege airport

For your car rental at Liege airport, Hertz offers an agency open from Monday to Friday inclusive (9 am to 12 noon and 1:30 pm to 4 pm). Liege airport is located less than 15 minutes by car from Liege city center (10 kilometers). It is the third largest airport in Belgium, so it offers many destinations for visitors.

Renting a car at Belgian airport will give you easy access to more remote sites like Tongeren, etc.

The airport car park is located right in front of the terminal 50 meters away. The pricing is clear and unique.

Taking the plane at airport is pleasant because the checks are quick (5 minutes) with two essential steps: the check-in counter and security formalities.

Liege airport is located less than 15 minutes drive from Liege city center

Liege is a medium-sized, cosmopolitan city: enjoy the advantages of a large city without the disadvantages. Thus, it is easy to get around by car in this Belgian city: driving is pleasant and there are many car parks available. On the other hand, free places are scarce: try the Outremeuse district (an island district of the Île de la Cité type in Paris) where you will undoubtedly have more luck.

Today, the Walloon region where Liege is located has 874 kilometers of motorways and 6,850 kilometers of regional roads, here are some rules of conduct to follow:

– In Belgium, priority on the right is absolute: all drivers have the obligation to give way to each vehicle coming from the right, even if they have stopped before crossing an intersection.

– In Liege as in Belgium in general, controls on drug use while driving or alcohol abuse are frequent.

– Automatic speed cameras exist and are particularly present in the city, so be careful.

– In the French-speaking region, the signage is in French, which is good news for easy identification.

– In built-up areas, the speed is limited to 50 km / h.

– Outside built-up areas, the rule is 90 km / h or 120 km / h on the motorway.

Europcar offers you its car rental service for easy trips to and from Liege-Bierset airport

The world leader in car and utility rental with 3835 agencies around the world and its twenty six rental offices in Belgium.

With more than sixty years of experience, Europcar offers you an excellent quality of service and the best car rental offers in most Belgian cities.

The Europcar car fleet offers many models for all needs. From city cars to sedans, including the range of SUVs, minivans and minibuses, Europcar has a new, high-quality fleet.

Whether you are an individual or a professional, Europcar will meet your expectations with a wide range of commercial vehicles.

Renting a vehicle is a breeze thanks to its fully flexible service that allows you to rent by the day, week or even month.

The six Europcar branches, ideally located in Liege, Namur, Charleroi and Ghent, offer you the assurance of finding the vehicle rental formula that meets your needs.

Are you arriving by train? Collect your car at its agency located at Guillemins Liege station. Are you arriving by plane? We also have an office at Bierset airport. A third Europcar branch in Sclessin completes the offer in Liege. In the heart of Wallonia, the Namur and Charleroi offices welcome you with a smile and all the professionalism you have a right to expect. Finally, its office in Ghent will meet your needs in terms of leisure or utility vehicles.

More than 1000 vehicles are rented each week from the agencies in Liege, Namur, Charleroi and Ghent, a pledge of its reliability to provide you with the best service.

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