Take cheap buses for a quick transfer from Liege-Bierset airport

There are several things you should consider when planning an airport destination. Indeed, if you do not have these necessary items, your trip to the city could turn out to be a disaster. The first thing you need to think about is the means of transportation provided by the airport. This includes buses, buses, taxis and even coaches. These are all services that are generally provided at all airports and Liege Airport in Belgium is no exception.

Another important thing to consider when planning an airport destination is to make sure you don’t get lost. When there are a lot of people rushing to the airport, it becomes very easy for someone to get lost. Therefore, it is very important for you to plan your route in advance so that you can reach your site without encountering any difficulties.

Shuttle from many cities in the province of Luxembourg and Namur, to Liege airport

This airport is the third largest airport in Belgium in terms of passengers and the eighth largest in Europe in terms of freight transport. This airport is a great alternative for your departures to Tenerife, Malaga, Alicante or Las Palmas.

Going to Liege airport by bus?

The airport is easily accessible via six highways. You’ll get there in under 30 minutes from Germany or under 20 minutes from the Netherlands.

It will take you 10 minutes from the center of Liege thanks to the bus line which connects Brussels to Cologne.

Shared shuttles are also organized from Liege Guillemins station.

By choosing airport shuttle services, you will avoid stress, hassle, traffic jams or driving in bad weather while enjoying quality service.

24/7 shuttle

Are you looking for a simple and efficient way for your private and / or professional trips? Go Back is the solution. With à la carte service and 24/7 availability, leave with peace of mind when you leave your car at home.

Airport shuttle

A personalized airport shuttle service that travels from the Province of Liege to airports, train stations, ports, hotels and any other à la carte locations, transfer from one airport to another or directly to your home.

The service offer includes the handling of passengers as well as luggage at home to your destination such as an airport. Transportation is private, meaning you can be sure that you won’t have other people with you.

Travel serenely with Aller Retour! You can contact us at the following number: 0474 86 87 44. For any shuttle reservation, you can also use the registration form in the menu.

Shuttle from Liege to Bierset airport

Are you looking for a shuttle to Liege Bierset airport? There are transport companies providing an airport shuttle service that transports you from your home or any other place in the Province of Liege to Liege Bierset airport. They take care of you and your luggage, right up to the entrance to your boarding point.

Different models of shuttles adapted to your needs are available. Bus companies run their airport shuttle service 24/7, so they are accessible at any time of the day or night.

Do not hesitate to contact them via the contact page of their website or directly by phone.

Shuttle from Liege Bierset airport: Are you looking for a shuttle leaving from Liege airport?

The company provide you with an airport shuttle service that takes you from Liege Bierset airport to your home or any other place, whether in Belgium or in neighboring countries.

Your shuttle company driver will greet you with a sign with your name in the reception area.

The service is available 24/7 and also includes the handling of your luggage.

If you wish to book your airport shuttle, please contact us via the contact page of site or by phone.

A transport service is offered to airports and large cities in Belgium and neighboring countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Our prices are flat-rate, which means that you will not have a price change if your shuttle has to make detours or if it is caught in traffic jams.

Service offer: airport shuttle

Transport companies are at your disposal as soon as you leave the airport. Our driver will welcome you with a sign in your name. Our airport shuttle service offer is located in Sprimont in the Province of Liege in Belgium. If you are located in the Province of Liege, free yourself from the hassle of transport. Prefer Going Back for a peaceful start to your holiday. No more worrying about looking for a place at the airport because your car will stay safe at home. So you can travel with a free spirit. Your vacation begins as soon as you contact them.

Car rental with driver for individuals and professionals

For all individuals, the price of shuttles to the airports are fixed and flat-rate. So there will never be any supplements. Regarding companies, it is possible to take out a shuttle contract for your employees. They have sufficient car rental with driver to provide the service which is the responsibility of all companies.

Do not hesitate to contact them to arrange a meeting together or for any information. Call 0474 86 87 44 for any reservation.

Airport shuttle service from the Province of Liege

Car rental with driver and airport shuttle near you, from or to the Province of Liege, private or business trips, very short journeys, going on vacation, traveling throughout Europe, … They offer you a VIP service whatever the reason for your trip.

Shuttles of all sizes

With Round Trip, you have the possibility of traveling together thanks to our shuttles with a maximum capacity of 9 seats with or without a trailer.

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