Taxis based at Liege-Bierset Airport offer you rides at exceptional rates

Apart from taxi fares in Liege city center and its immediate outskirts, companies such as Taxi ACAR, Liege TAX or TAXIZARA offer a taxi shuttle service to and from Liege-Bierset airport.

Are you going on a business or leisure trip? Have you thought about your trip to the airport?

You should know that going to an airport by car has its share of disadvantages:

– driving under stress due to road traffic,

– sometimes poor knowledge of the exact route to the terminal and its car parks and therefore causes stress at the idea of ​​taking the wrong route,

– very high parking price if you have to leave your car for several days,

– parking lot often full which means you have to park far away and have to carry your luggage through the entire parking lot.

Why not opt ​​for a more economical and much less stressful solution? These taxi companies take you hassle-free past the entrance to this airport.

Your taxi driver will take you to Liege Bierset airport. You can count on these taxis to take you to various places in the city.

Go to the airport by taxi and without stress

Do not hesitate to contact a taxi in advance for your trip to an airport. If you book at least 24 hours in advance, you can advise yourself on when to start so that you are on time to catch your plane.

Thanks to their long experience in the trade and the knowledge of roads and traffic by taxi drivers, you are guaranteed not to miss your plane. Taxiers save you a lot of stress and you are well rested for your trip.

Need a taxi to go to the airport?

You also have very spacious cars with the possibility of handling up to seven passengers. To travel in a group with your friends or family, do not hesitate to call on these companies. They necessarily have the vehicle you need to make your trip hassle-free.

Easily pay your taxi in Liege

Your reference taxi driver in Liege offers you to adjust your trip in many different ways, depending on your possibilities. You have the free choice of your means of payment among debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard) or in cash. Taxi companies also accept Diners Club International checks.

The prices in force in the taxi companies are the official prices imposed by the city of Liege and the Walloon Region. They want to respect these rates in order to offer a fair price for the service provided.

To calculate your price, you must take into account the time of pick-up (day or night) as well as the number of kilometers traveled in Liege and those traveled outside the city. Not to mention the possible waiting time. Their cars are equipped with approved taximeters which allow a quick and easy calculation of the correct price of your taxi fare in Liege according to the official rates.

No bad calculations thanks to taximeters

A taximeter in the taxi automatically calculates the distance traveled as well as the price of the trip, thus, no risk of fraud. The driver turns on the taximeter when starting the race and it is systematically reset to zero before any further travel.

Thanks to a GPS system associated with the calculation box, price variations between the city and its surroundings are taken into account automatically when your taxi crosses the city limits of Liege.

In addition to the classic taxi service, a series of tailor-made services are offered to best meet your needs.

One of their specialties is personalized transport for individuals and companies. They have a fleet of top-of-the-range vehicles, unmarked if necessary, to make a good impression upon your arrival. Among these, Mercedes Berline, Break or Viano.

Transport to Airports

Whether you’re going on vacation or on a business trip, taxi drivers will take care of your trip to the airport for a hassle-free trip, from the gray to the beach.

Avoid traffic jams and airport parking fees. With them, no unpleasant last minute surprises, these drivers are used to airports and neighboring roads. The holidays begin in the taxi.

Plan your beach activities ahead of time and book a taxi to take you to (or back) the airport with peace of mind.

Taxi companies offer you an advantageous group service. They have seven-seater vehicles with which you can divide the price of the races among friends. You won’t even see the journey time pass because even in a taxi.

Unmarked cars

Urban transport companies (taxi) also offer a high-end service for the transport of important customers, members of management and VIPs. They have luxury cars such as the Mercedes E-Class, in order to offer your distinguished visitors a “tailor-made” service tailored to your needs.

This service may also be suitable for individuals who want a top-of-the-range taxi service during major trips.

For € 25 to € 30, you can take a taxi from Liege airport to the center of Liege. You can organize a cheap taxi in advance via TaxiTender, book a taxi from this airport. Benefit from clear prices and the possibility of canceling for free.

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