Brussels-Zaventem Airport: Flights canceled and traffic disrupted due to the strike

Due to a strike movement that took place last Monday at Brussels-Zaventem airport, all scheduled flights departing from the Belgian airport have been suspended.

The strike was called by employees occupying the position of security guard demanding a salary increase.

This strike paralyzed traffic at this airport by causing the cancellation of all scheduled connections from Brussels airport, which is the busiest in the European country. Two hundred and thirty two commercial flights, taken by approximately three hundred thousand passengers, have been suspended. Flights intended for freight transport were not affected.

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled, either those offered and scheduled by Brussels Airlines or other operators such as TUI Fly Belgium, have been invited to contact their airlines to find out about the possibilities of taking replacement flights or obtaining reimbursement.

The strike by security guards at Brussels airport may encourage employees occupying other positions in the air transport sector in Belgium to call for such days of action in the coming days.

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