Brussels-Zaventem Airport: Traffic growth in summer

In a promising sign of the recovery of the aviation industry, Brussels-Zaventem airport recorded a 5% increase in air traffic during the months of July and August of this year. The airport welcomed a total of nearly 4.6 million passengers, compared to 5.4 million during the same period last year. This upward trend indicates growing traveler confidence and a gradual return to pre-pandemic levels.

The increase in air traffic at Brussels-Zaventem Airport is a positive sign for the aviation industry in the western European country, which has been severely affected by the global Covid pandemic. With travel restrictions easing and vaccination rates increasing, more people are feeling comfortable and confident about flying again. The airport’s ability to attract this significant number of passengers reflects pent-up demand for travel and impatience to explore new destinations.

The revival of the tourism industry has contributed to the increase in air traffic. After months of restrictions and closures, people are eager to explore new destinations, reunite with loved ones or simply enjoy a well-deserved vacation. The desire to experience different cultures, cuisines and landscapes has fueled demand for air travel and encouraged more people to book flights.

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