Ryanair maintains the suspension of its flights from Brussels-Zaventem

The airline Ryanair has announced and revealed its decision for the future of its base at Brussels-Zaventem airport. The Irish low-cost carrier has decided not to reopen its hub due to an increase in operating costs for its operations departing from the Belgian airport.

Ceasing its flights from the airport of the capital of Belgium in October 2022, Ryanair does not intend to return there for the moment, and has taken the decision to move all its planes which were parked at the airport. Zaventem, to other airports.

In statements to Reuters, Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair confirmed that the Irish airline’s base at Zavantem Airport will not reopen this summer.

Before taking the decision to suspend its flights from Brussels-Zaventem, Ryanair operated on twelve routes connecting several destinations in Europe such as Rome in Italy, Madrid in Spain and Dublin in Ireland, providing up to thirty frequencies per day.

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