Wizz Air will connect Katowice to Brussels-Charleroi in December

The Belgian airport will benefit from two weekly rotations, with the inaugural flight scheduled for December 13, 2023. This new route operated by Wizz Air presents interesting opportunities for travelers and the tourism industry, both in Katowice and Brussels- Charleroi.

Katowice, located in southern Poland, is an emerging city known for its vibrant cultural scene and economic growth. With the addition of this connection, residents and visitors will have convenient access to Belgium’s capital and the rest of Europe. The two-weekly flight schedule ensures flexibility in travel planning and allows travelers to easily explore both destinations.

Charleroi airport is the gateway to Brussels and its surroundings. Capital of Belgium and administrative center of the European Union, it is a center of business, politics and culture. With its historical monuments, museums and varied gastronomy, the city attracts millions of tourists each year. The connection with Katowice will undoubtedly improve the accessibility of the Belgian city and promote tourism in the region.

The partnership between Wizz Air and Brussels-Charleroi airport has multiple advantages. First, it offers an affordable and efficient mode of transportation for business and leisure travelers. The Hungarian airline is known for its low-cost business model, which makes travel affordable for a wide range of people. By extending its route network to Katowice, the Hungarian low cost airline opens new opportunities for travelers looking for economical options.

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