Who hasn’t spent precious hours of their vacation waiting at an airport?

Summer is synonymous with seeing the chaos of airports and people lying between suitcases waiting for their flight to depart on the news.

It does not solve the problem of delays, but at least technology now allows us to know what we are going to find when we head towards the airport, either to catch a plane or to wait for someone. These are the best applications to check arrival and departure times at Spanish airports.

The table below provides you with updates on departures and arrivals for each airport, information that is updated automatically every five minutes or when you do it manually. It allows you to search for flights, airports or airlines.

Schedules are provided by the airlines, and can be changed at any time. Regardless of the status of your flight, you must always arrive before the check-in closing time set by your airline.

The information collected in the table below helps you stay up to date and be informed if ever a departure time change is applied by your carrier, and therefore have better planning of your plane trip.

Can't find your flight?

If you don't see your flight information, you just need to refresh the page and check again.

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