Ostende-Bruges Airport: Leave your car in a secure park, near the entrance to the terminal

The two airport car parks are accessible 24 hours a day. These car parks are located in front of the passenger building (Parking I – Front Park) and in front of the technical building of the airport (Parking II). The parking I offers 260 spaces (short term) while Parking II has 500 spaces (long term)

The two car parks are under 24-hour camera surveillance.

Parking I (Front Park) offers 6 spaces for people with reduced mobility. These places are located near the parking lot exit and are indicated by the wheelchair icon. You can only use these parking spaces if you have a disabled parking card. This must be placed clearly visible behind the windshield of the car.

The payment machine (for both car parks) is located at the entrance to car park I. For more information: call +32 (0) 59511769

Free parking at Ostend airport?

You always park within walking distance of the terminal. There are no alternative car parks near the airport. You can park for free in a peripheral car park in Ostend and go to the airport in public. However, free parking near Ostend Airport is not without its risks. Airport parking All parking spaces at Ostend Airport are within walking distance from the terminal. You pay € 73.50 for a week of parking in the P2 and P3 car parks. From 13 days of parking, you pay 120 €. It is also the maximum price for a month of parking. It is not possible to reserve a parking space. According to the airport’s website, there is ample parking all year round. You can park directly in front of the terminal at the P1 car park. You pay 105 € for a week of parking, the maximum price for a month of parking is 150 €. See the overview of all parking prices at Ostend Airport.

You can park for free at P1 for the first 20 minutes. You can also drop off (travel companions) and luggage on the Kiss & Ride lane in front of the Departures Hall.

Park, sleep and fly

There is no hotel in Ostend that offers Park, Sleep & Fly packages. Either way, most hotels do not offer free parking to their customers.

If you are coming by car and want to spend the night near the airport the day before (or after) your flight, the Ibis Budget Oostende Airport is an excellent choice. A double room generally costs between 45 and 75 €. For a parking space, you pay € 7 per day. Up to 17 days of parking included, so you’re cheaper here than at the airport. Make sure you first find out if you can leave your car in their parking lot while you are abroad.

From Ibis Budget Oostende airport, you take bus 68 or 69 to the airport, although this bus does not stop directly in front of the departure hall. Get off at the Raversijde E. Desmitlaan stop and walk the last 400 meters to the terminal (route). For an additional fee, you can also use the hotel’s airport shuttle.

Paid parking applies in large parts of Ostend. In Raversijde, the district near the airport, many streets are designated as blue zones: you can park here for a maximum of 8 hours and you must use the blue parking disc.

Free parking is available in various unattended peripheral car parks. For example, you can park your car in the peripheral car park of Maria-Hendrikapark on Iependreef (or in the nearby parking spaces at Mercatorlaan and Graaf de Smet de Naeyerlaan). From there it’s a little less than a kilometer on foot to the Ostend train station (route), where you can take bus 6 to the airport.

When there is no more space at the Maria-Hendrikapark, you can often go to the parking lot at the edge of Oosteroever on the Ankerstraat. Your car is very far here. From the ring car park, first take the coastal tram to Ostend station, where you change to bus 6 to the airport.

Keep in mind that peripheral car parks are not guarded and that there is always a risk of burglary or vandalism. If you park on the street, make sure that you are really 100% sure that you can park where you found. The situation described above may have changed in the meantime. Park inside the spaces and do not disturb the neighbors.

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