Shuttle and bus lines for your trips between Ostend airport and the rest of Bruges

Are you planning to visit Bruges? So, here are the means of transport available for a quick transfer between Ostend airport and the different places of the Belgian city.

The airport is well served, whether by public transport or road infrastructure. No matter where you want to go, there are several options available to you.

Located fifteen kilometers from the North Sea, Bruges is a charming city. Built in the Middle Ages, it has many historic buildings. Its monuments, in particular its belfry, are remarkable and the current more modern buildings harmonize very well with those in stone. When the weather is good, many locals take advantage of the nearest beaches to bathe in the cool sea. But also for cycling and rosalie in the dunes, or to visit nature reserves. However, before visiting Bruges, you will need to make a transfer between Ostend Airport and Bruges.

Ostend-Bruges Airport is located along the North Sea. It is located five kilometers from Ostend, and twenty-five kilometers from Bruges. The airport is mainly used for transporting cargo, but its activity intensifies in the summer. Indeed, low-cost companies, such as TUI, then use the airport.

As you exit the airport, in front of you are the bus stops that take you to Bruges city center. Taking the bus will cost you less than the taxi but will take you longer. On the other hand, it is a pretty cool way to get a first idea of ​​the capital of Portugal as you will pass through the whole city and many of the most important districts.

Are you going to this airport and want to know how to organize your transfer between Ostend airport and Bruges? So here are the transportation solutions.

Duration: 1h40 by bus, plus approximately 20-40 minutes wait between transfers.

Prices: € 3 per bus trip.

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:40 p.m., daily.

The bus is a cheap means of transfer from the airport

Have you decided to go visit Bruges? Great, you won’t regret it even if it’s only for a day. The city is beautiful and that can only be a good idea. Especially since the airport is only fifteen kilometers from the city center.

Do you want to take the cheapest option for your transfer between Ostend Airport and Bruges? So why not take the bus? It is the cheapest form of transportation you will find. But take into account that you will probably have to make a connection depending on where you want to go.

Indeed, from the airport, you will have to take line 6 or B6 to Oostende Station. You can also take a taxi or tram to get there. Then, in any case, you will have to take bus 52, 54 or 35 to Bruges Station. Note, however, that the bus journey is still quite long. Therefore, if you want to get to your hotel quickly after a long flight, the bus should be avoided.

If you are going by plane to this city, you must go to your hotel or the place where you have decided to stay.

Indeed, being one of the most important cities of Belgium, Bruges has an international airport which connects it to the rest of the European country and to the whole world.

You have several options to get to the center of Bruges. Oddly enough for such a large city, the bus directly connects the center and the main airport.

You can of course take a taxi or rent a car directly at the airport, but both will cost you more.

Getting to the center of Bruges by bus

The train does not reach the airport terminal and it is necessary to take a bus that will take you to the city center first.

This is the most economical option. It is possible to buy a single ticket for the bus at the airport and it will cost you only £ 3.50. The journey time is approximately 45 minutes.

Traveling between the airport and the city center by bus is the fastest, most convenient and cheapest way. When it says “faster”, the bus takes less than thirty minutes to cover the fifteen kilometers from the airport to the central bus station.

The shuttles are very well equipped, there is room for the legs and the WiFi is free. The ticket can be purchased directly on the bus or on the Internet (up to 28 days in advance).