TUI Fly Belgium: Assistance insurance policy

– Support and compensation of the health care expenses overseas up to $100,000, at the remaining part of the planet.

– Repatriation of this casualty of an accident or illness, together with a guaranteed gentleman companion of their option.

– Support of travelling companies

– Reunion with your household in Belgium

– Baggage stolen or lost? It covers a maximum sum of $ 1,250.

– Help to the sufferer of a disease such as Covid-19 or a collision.


Guarantees Should you travel by Automobile

Roadside assistance:

– Breakdown Assistance, towing service, transportation of the Automobile at Belgium and abroad

– Admin warranty

– Repatriation

Bike Support

What isn’t covered?

– Air vacations in the Event of pregnancy or even much more than 28 months.

– In case you aren’t sick, but do need to have a Covid evaluation taken in your destination. This can be covered in the bundle All Risk Shipping insurance travel and help insurance.

– Resistant to bags solely because of wear and tear.

Together with the all danger shipping travel and insurance and help insurance policy bundle, you are insured for several Covid-19-related things both prior to and during your journey. A Couple of examples:


Cancellation insurance (all risks included)

It covers up to 75% of injuries sustained during travel:

– When no green travel information was issued to your destination in the right time of conclusion of your journey.

– If you’ve lost the job, if a leave was cancelled or in case you’ve gone bankrupt on account of this epidemic/pandemic.

– When a quick test taken on the evening of your departure has a favorable outcome.

– Should you test positive in your body temperature checkpoints in the airport.

– If you get the consequence of your evaluation from the context of your journey too late because of a lack of capability in the laboratory to process the examinations.

– In case you need to go into re in your destination, then 75 percent of those additional expenses on the stay, e.g. additional meals and nights, will be coated. ²

– A compulsory Covid test in your destination (75% protection).

Traveling and help insurance

  • Throughout your excursion:

– 24/7 phone assistance by means of a TUI crisis number.

– All medical expenses are covered should you fall sick in the destination, such as because of Covid-19.

– Repatriation yourself and your household (if needed for medical reasons) can be covered.

– Third-party payment in the event of hospitalisation.

– Sudden theft or lack of, or damage to luggage.

Traveling and help insurance Europe

$ 3.5 per man daily

Bundle Platinum Rental insurance Travel and help insurance

7 percent of the Purchase Price of the excursion OR at a minimum of 50 per individual

Traveling and help insurance Earth

$ 7 per person daily

Package All Risk liability insurance Travel and help insurance COVID CARE INCLUDED

Eleven percent of the purchase price of the excursion or at a minimum of 80 per individual.

Now you have the choice involving insurance insure in Europe or at the world. The insurance policy cover happens on the length of your departure before the length of your return. Should you book a package like a cancellation insurance, you are covered from the moment that you make your reservation until you are safely back in your home.

Where is it possible to take this insurance out?

The insurance is really a complement to your trip and may be performed at the moment you reserve your journey, along with your travel agent or through the site. You prohibit book your insurance before 24 hours before your passing. Together with auto insurance from 1 bundle, it could be reserved until 57 days prior to the date of departure. Reserve your insurance or get in touch with your travel agent.

Cancellation insurances

Auto insurance is obviously recommended, as a thing unexpected can always occur. Considering that the Outbreak of this COVID-19 catastrophe, the doubt surrounding travelling has improved. That’s why along with its regular Platinum Auto insurance, it also give the All Danger Rental insurance policy. This insurance policy not only supplies the comprehensive cover of the Platinum insurance coverage, but additionally covers the outbreak of an outbreak and some other costs caused by a Mandatory quarantine in your destination. If you mix this insurance using a traveling and help insurance, you are able to reserve your excursion without Worries.

Platinum Shipping insurance

Should you take a Platinum insurance your costs will be fully reimbursed for Plenty of warranties:

– Infection, injury and departure of family around the 3rd Level

– Lack of employment

– Early yield for urgent Factors

– Resist

– Cancelled honeymoon

You don’t pay any surplus fee and aren’t charged any administrative prices for all these cancellation insurance coverages.

Cancelation Insurance Platinum All risk
Insured amount 100% 100%
Exemption / deductible per person 0 Eur 0 Eur
Premium 5% of the price of the trip (min 15Eur) 9% of the price of the trip (min 40Eur)
Extended Covers
Stabilised Illnes, accident or decease of yourself or family up to the 3rd degree
Night not spent at your destination due to an early return for urgent reasons or a delayed departure
Pregnancy or unforeseen complications
New job, dismissal or cancellation of leave already granted
Divorce, separation or cancellation of a planned wedding


Summons for a military mission, as a witness or a juror, organ transplant
Any other personal and demonstrable reason (75% insured)
Pandemic (coronaviurs or outbreak of an epidemic) (75% insured)
Costs of quarantine at your destination (hotel, flight) (75% insured)
Illness of best friend (75% insured)
First Communion, confirmation or wedding (75% insured)
Psychological illness without hospitalisation (75% insured)
You no longer want to go ahead with the trip
Events known when taking out the policy


Insurance platinum all risk

You had been scheduled to depart for Cuba shortly, but your mom suddenly became severely sick. We’ll pay for the cancellation prices so you’re able to stay with your mom and be present for her.

After five good days in your vacation a event of Covid-19 was discovered in your resort, and all guests need to be quarantined. It covers 75 percent of the expenses of any additional nights and foods along with the newest return flight.

You’re advised to depart on a vacation shortly however, the travel tips for your destination isn’t green on account of this coronavirus. Do not worry, it pay for 75 percent of the price of cancellation.

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