TUIFly Belgium: What baggage have you authorized to carry with you?

In order to guarantee all those who travel with TUI Fly a smooth and comfortable flight, which leaves on time”, the Belgian company is implementing a new policy on hand baggage.

All customers, regardless of ticket type, can bring a bag under the seat to stow under the seat in front of them.

What should be the weight of your luggage transported in the TUI Fly Belgium cabin?

And are you allowed to take an accessory with you in addition to your hand luggage? Logical questions! This is why you are on this page. This is to inform you well about the luggage policy of the Belgian company, which will allow you to avoid a lot of stress later.

Each passenger (from two years old) is authorized to carry one (1) hand baggage. Sometimes it may not be possible to put the whole handbag in the cabin.

Items not to put in your hand luggage

For safety reasons, you are not allowed to carry loose lithium-ion batteries (for example, external batteries or spare batteries) in your hand baggage. Please place them on checked baggage.

Weight and dimensions

Each passenger is entitled to one piece of luggage of 10kg and respecting the following format: 55 x 20 x40 cm

It is allowed to bring on board cellular equipment such as a telephone, a laptop, as they are included in the list of hand luggage accepted by the airline company TUI Fly Belgium. Phone / laptop batteries must not be recharged on board, nor used to recharge any other electronic device during the flight.


What rules apply to the carriage of hand luggage on TUI Fly Belgium flights?

Are you leaving for your holiday destination with TUI fly soon and want to know what luggage is allowed in the cabin?

In the unlikely event that there is a lack of space in the luggage compartments, the larger parts are always placed in the aircraft hold. There is no additional charge for this, but you will not have your carry-on baggage with you during the flight.

For travelers who travel only with hand baggage, there is a screening before entering the boarding area.

If the hand baggage is too large, it will be carried in the hold. In this case, a fee of 50 € is charged by the airline.

Items not to put in your hand luggage

For safety reasons, TUI fly staff collects sharps from hand baggage. Be careful, certain objects such as razor blades, nail scissors and files are strictly prohibited in luggage transported on board the Belgian company’s planes.

The rules for liquids in hand luggage also apply to all air passengers within the European Union (EU) and departing from Curacao.

TUI fly will more strictly monitor the dimensions and weight of hand luggage

More and more passengers are traveling with hand luggage that exceeds official standards for size and weight. TUI fly is therefore now taking measures and will now control its passengers more strictly.

Due to the limited space for carry-on baggage on board, it has become an almost impossible task on many flights today to store all cabin baggage. More and more often, a part must be loaded in the hold, often to the dissatisfaction of the travelers concerned. The resulting unnecessary waste of time can also lead to flight delays, leading to passenger dissatisfaction and possible costs for the airline.

TUI Fly Belgium encourages its passengers to be on time for boarding to ensure that those with larger cabin bags have quick access to the upper lockers.

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