TUI Fly Belgium: Claim for Lost or Damaged Baggage

You will have to report delayed or lost luggage in the airport by simply filling a Property Irregularity Report and calling the number on this type. For the initial five days of luggage tracing, please get the airport in which you reported that your luggage as lost. Calls from UK landlines price the typical pace, but calls from phones might be greater. Talk to your network supplier.

TUI Fly Belgium: How can you do when your bag is delayed or lost?

Just to let you know, TUI Fly Belgium has limited liability in the event of late delivery and damaged or lost bags under the Montreal Convention, and that means you may But, It will be very happy to assist in case you choose to deliver your claim into TUI. You cannot claim from your travel insurance policy provider along with the airline.

If you would like to generate a claim via TUI, then you are able to produce your claim online.

What should you do if your luggage is damaged?

In the event of damaged luggage (suitcase or stroller), it recommend that you make an immediate declaration at the “Lost and Found” counter at the arrival airport before leaving the airport. You need the reservation number, boarding pass and baggage identification sticker to have a Damaged Baggage Report (DBR) issued. The “Lost and Found” service gives you the completed declaration and gives you additional information. You must report a repair and / or replacement of damaged luggage yourself to the company Dolfi1920 on the site or by telephone on 078 150 251. Without the official declaration of the Lost and Found service no arrangement cannot be found with Dolfi1920.

In the event of damage, for example to a stroller, a wheelchair, a dog crate, you can contact us directly at, mentioning your reservation number.

In the event of slight damage (scratches or dents), no compensation is possible.

Have you ever returned home and only noticed that your luggage is damaged?

In this case, the procedure takes place via TUI. You can contact us directly at, mentioning your reservation number.

There are many reasons that can cause delayed baggage. Anybody that has been on an airline that flies to Hawaii or any other destination in the world will know just how important this is. The luggage is one of the most treasured possessions you have and it is something that should be protected by the airline. Delayed baggage should not be given to another passenger on the flight because it is of no use to them. This is particularly true if lost luggage is accompanied by medical claims.

There are two types of lost luggage

There is first class and there is a coach. When you lose your luggage in the first class compartment, you are going to wait a long time before finding it. This is because in first class, all bags are checked and they are considered to be lost baggage. No one is allowed to check the luggage so it has to remain there until it is found.

It is very frustrating to find your lost baggage after you have paid a lot of money for a flight. There are times when the luggage will be found delayed in some stage of the flight. It may take hours before it is found. If your luggage is delayed, you should contact the airline and see what is available. You can also call the airline and ask them if they have any information about the lost luggage.

It is important to call the airline as soon as possible if you have lost luggage

This can avoid further delay. You can also write down the flight number and contact them by telephone or inform them by email. You can also post a note on the airline’s website if you do not have access to any other means of communication.

If your luggage is delayed beyond a reasonable amount of time, you should report the delay to Tui Travel. They have a reporting procedure that is in place. You should send an email to them with your contact information and a description of the lost item. The delay could be for a flight cancellation, lost bag or delayed flight. Tui Travel will then try their best to assist you and find a solution to your problem.

As stated above, Tui fly lost luggage

When your luggage is lost, you can claim it through their website. You can choose to send it through registered mail; they will deliver it to you or pick it up at their depot. If your luggage cannot be picked up, you can file a claim and wait for them to process your claim.

The good news is that Tui is also an authorized carrier, which allows you to use them for luggage delivery. This will delay the process so that you can claim through them. There are three options that you can choose from when it comes to delayed luggage. It is better to keep these options open, in case your luggage becomes lost or stolen, even though it is insured through another carrier. You never know when you will encounter such a situation.

Lost luggage on airplanes is a common occurrence, but for those travelers who have never had a problem with it, you may wonder what happened when you fumbled around in the dark while flying on a small plane with a lot of luggage. The answer is that you probably lost some of your luggage, and this article will help you to identify them so that you can make sure you do not lose them again. If you have experienced this problem in the past, you should make a note of the airline that you were on, as well as the type of plane and destination. The next thing that you should do is to write down the contact information of the airline that you are unsure about. This way, if you ever have a problem with lost luggage on Tui fly away flights, you can easily call them and ask for their assistance.

First of all, it is important to note that there is really no easy way of identifying a loose item of luggage from a filled one. It will be important to use the same kind of identification that you usually use on your bags, such as a bar code or a crocodile ID. If you have lost luggage tags, you should replace them as soon as possible because they can make identifying a lost item much easier for a would-be thief. After you have identified the airline in which you belong, you should then look for lost luggage tags at the airport as well as any luggage store that you might be visiting in order to try to get a replacement for an existing one.

The next thing that you should do in order to find out whether you have lost luggage on Tui fly away flights is to carefully inspect all your bags. Check for any damages, tears, holes or rips which might indicate that they have fallen off their tracks. It is also advisable to remove all luggage tags (if you have one) and to soak the luggage in water in order to check whether the water has been able to dry them out completely. You should then proceed to try and determine whether you have a loose item of luggage. In the event that you do, you will then need to contact the airline in question to inform them of your lost luggage, as they will then be able to get in touch with you.

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  1. I flew with TUI BELGIUM from Brussels Airport on the 23.08.2022 Flight To Miami, the flight was delayed and when I was going into the plane, one of the employees took my Luggage Label, when I arrived in Miami my lugage was the only was that didnt arrive and I cant file a report because I dont have my luggage label, I dont understand TUI put a ticket on my luggage with my name.

    My luggage is color BABY PINK with four wheels and its a hard material, it has a RED TAG with my permanent direction in Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata, guarocuya #6.

    Im currently in Miami, I was told that I flight is coming on Saturday, here in Miami International Airport theres nobody from TUI that can help me, I have call more than 10 times and every time after 50mins on the line, they hang up.

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