When should you request a refund from TUI Fly Belgium?

Please submit a form for each booking, which ought to use the direct passenger’s details such as the email address used in the time of booking. For retail clients, the TUI Fly agents are in contact with the organizer to vote for reimbursement. You’ll be reimbursed the entire amount you paid for the booking. Please be aware that any incentive related to your booking will die as soon as you submit your refund request and can’t be redeemed as money as a portion of your refund.

Every refund has to be processed manually and may take around 14 days.

When you have obtained a refund charge voucher to get a vacation that has been cut short, sadly these cannot be traded for money and so the form won’t be in a position to be processed.

In the event that you booked through a third party travel broker please note that concessions have been shipped straight to the travel agent.

This form is to ask for a refund as soon as you’ve gotten your emailed Refund Credit out of us. Regrettably, it cannot process your form in case you haven’t input your Refund Credit signal particulars.

Please be mindful that by clipping your refund charge note, you’ll also reduce your re-booking incentive. You’re able to employ your refund credit and reserving incentive to reserve any vacation that is presently on sale. You are able to pick from a vast selection of packages out there for winter and summer annually, with fantastic offers including tens of thousands of free kids’ locations, non deposits from £75 per individual and £0 deposit on direct debit reservations made on line on offer.

Refund credit and booking incentive terms & conditions

The worth of your refund credit will be that the amount you paid on your Original vacation less any modification or cancellation charges you’ve paid Rather than including any extras such as traveling insurance.

The refund Credit is legal once you get it and has been issued to you as your package vacation will no more have the ability to proceed as planned because of Limitations.

Alternative holiday or maybe to cover an present booking on almost any TUI, first you can Also utilize it to get a TUI Airways trip just, TUI or original option booking. Please be aware that This Isn’t transferrable, and you Have to Be the Lead passenger on any present or other booking.

If the alternative arrangements are more expensive than the combined amount of your Refund charge and some other reservation incentive, you’ll have to pay us the difference.

If your new structures price less than your refund charge, you will get an automatic refund for any outstanding refund charge balance. If it does not have your information, it will be in contact to receive them and organize your refund.

If you reserved a vacation that contained a trip, your refund charge and some other option reserving for a package vacation you create are protected under the ATOL Plot in precisely the exact same manner as your initial booking. If you reserved a Marella Cruises or TUI River Cruise vacation That’s cabin-only or dangling from a UK jack, your refund charge – and some other Alternate booking That’s cottage Just or sails out of a UK jack – are all shielded under the ABTA bonding scheme. So, your cash is secure, nevertheless any booking bonus isn’t protected. One other TUI Airways flight just or TUI or First Choice ABTA bonding strategy.

Whenever you make an alternate booking for a TUI, First Choice, Marella Cruises or TUI River Cruises bundle vacation together with your refund credit, we’ll recognise that you’re utilizing that refund charge and will also offer you a booking bonus. This booking bonus is worth up to 20 percent of the value of your refund up or down to 10 percent of the worth of your initial booking.

Package Vacations: 20% Fixing Incentive

The booking bonus of around 20 percent will be applied for your booking following the refund charge was implemented and simply applies to other reservations that are more expensive than your refund fee. If your option booking prices significantly less than the combined expense of your refund booking and credit incentive, then your booking bonus is going to be capped in the price of your choice booking.

The booking bonus of around 10% only applies to alternate bookings which are more costly than your initial booking. If your choice booking prices, but by significantly less than the 10% reservation bonus worth, your booking bonus is going to be capped in the extra expense of your choice booking. The booking bonus is going to be implemented to an alternative booking following any refund charge was implemented.

The Booking incentive of around 10% only applies to alternate bookings which are pricier than your initial booking. If your choice Booking prices significantly more, but by less than the 10% reservation bonus worth, Your booking incentive is going to be capped in the extra price of your Alternative booking. The booking bonus will soon be applied to an alternative booking following any refund charge was implemented.

You’re not entitled to a booking bonus if you use your refund charge to cover towards the equilibrium of a present bundle Vacation or whether you reserve a TUI Fly Belgium flight-only, TUI or original option accommodation-only booking.

To maintain your booking bonus, input your distinctive refund charge code, located on your email communicating,

Your booking bonus may only be utilized at precisely the exact same period as your refund charge and can be combinable with other promotions. You cannot move your booking bonus to anybody else.

The Booking bonus worth is different to the refund charge, and isn’t other strategy.

Your refund booking and credit bonus can’t be used to reserve package vacations or alternative travel arrangements which aren’t.

Get reimbursed for the amount of the vacation package booked with TUI Fly

Clients that possess a TUI or original choice package vacation with TUI Fly booked on line or even are one-week cruise clients with a TUI Airways flight. If you’ve got another bundle kind, such as those reserved within its Retail Stores, its staff will be straight in contact to speak about your alternatives.

In Manage My Booking, it is possible to amend your Vacation totally free of charge and therefore is eligible for a bonus per reservation. The booking bonus only applies to alternate bookings which are more expensive than your initial booking. Please see under what incentive you’re entitled to, based upon your initial departure date.

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