TUI Fly details its offer between Belgium and Algeria

The Belgian airline, Tui Fly recently looked into the subject of flights between Belgium and Algeria. With some clarification.

Currently, the national airline, Air Algérie as well as other foreign companies serve seven countries. And this since the reopening of the Algerian air borders. These are more specifically France, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Tunisia and Russia. Thus, Belgium does not appear in this destination map. To this end, Tui Fly has answered some questions regarding Belgium-Algeria flights.

Indeed, the spokesperson for the Belgian company Tui Fly, namely Sarah Saucin, provided some explanations for the cancellation of flights between Charleroi and Algiers. It was through the Belgian site She first explains that because of the health crisis. Algeria had closed its air borders.

While Belgium is not among the seven countries listed just above. Those who are affected by the resumption of flights with Algeria. The Tui Fly company still offers plane tickets to Algeria.

The representative on behalf of the company clarified that these flights remained on sale. Since “this line is traditionally characterized by last-minute bookings, the impact on customers remains limited,” she said. Added to this is the fact that the Belgian carrier hopes that Belgium can make its appearance in the list of safe countries. In order to be able to stimulate Algerian traffic.

In addition, the speaker explained that there was little chance that Algeria would reopen its borders with Belgium. Therefore, said company applies a cancellation period of four weeks. That is to say that people whose reservations have been made will be systematically cancelled.

It should also be noted that the Belgian airline is not authorized by the Algerian authorities to operate flights to Algeria. This will lead to the cancellation of the reserved flights. This a few days before the day of departure.

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