TUI Fly Belgium: What is 3-installment payment with a bank card offered ?

This is a payment solution in 3 installments by Visa or Mastercard credit card which allows the payment of the order to be staggered in 3 debits according to the following schedule:

  • 1st due date: the day of your order: 1/3 of the amount of the basket + administration fees of 1.4% of the amount of your order, capped at € 9
  • 2nd deadline: 30 days after your order: 1/3 of the amount of the basket
  • 3rd deadline: 60 days after your order: 1/3 of the amount of the basket.


Administrative fees of 1.4% of the amount of the order (capped at € 9) will be charged to you at the first due date on the day of your order.

Conditions of eligibility: How to benefit from payment in 3xCB?

  • For package trips only (flight + service and snow stays)
  • The amount of your basket must be between 200 € and 3000 €.
  • You must be of legal age
  • You must be a French resident / DOM-TOM

Payment must be made with a French Visa or Mastercard CB (excluding Electron, Maestro, American Express, e-CB and prepaid CB cards).

Your credit card must be valid within 90 days of your 1st due date.

The departure date must be more than 7 days from the date of purchase (example: you buy on September 1, for a 1st departure possible on September 8).

This offer is not applicable to the following destinations: Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Crimea / Sevastopol.

Subscription to 3xCB requires the electronic signature by double click of a financing contract of less than 90 days, contract for which you have a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days from its conclusion. No payment of any kind can be required from an individual before obtaining the loan of money.

Example for a basket to pay of 300 €:
  • 1st installment of € 104.20 (including € 4.20 administration fees),
  • Followed by 2 installments of 100 € each.

If you meet all the eligibility conditions, “payment in 3 installments by bank card” will be offered to you at the stage of the choice of payment.

That which has to be paid before your departure date comes about. If you are paying by Direct Debit and have paid a deposit, then your closing balance will be due eight weeks prior to leave. For Immediate Interest payments with no deposit, it is 14 weeks.

For any reservation and payment of fees, do not hesitate to call this number: 0203 451 2688

When you are looking to secure a good deal on airfare, you want to make sure that your negotiation will be one that works in your favor. The best way to do this is to get a tui fly payment plan. These payment plans can be used for just about any type of airfare. You can even use them to get discounted rates for traveling to different places around the world. Here are some things that you will learn about the fly payment plans.

A to fly payment plan can work with many different airlines

This means that you can get a discount on airfare for traveling between two different airlines. Each airline that you are with has its own specific regulations regarding fares and rules for selling airfare cards. By using a tui fly card, you can get discounts on the tickets that you want, which can save you quite a bit of money on your trips.

When you get a credit card, you will have to make sure that you are using it in order to make a purchase. Many people have purchased plane tickets using their credit cards. However, these cards are not always accepted at every place. In fact, some places may have very strict rules as to how you use your credit card when traveling.

When you use a tui fly payment card to pay for your trip, you will be able to avoid this issue. You will be able to purchase tickets from many different airlines without having to worry about credit card approval. This is beneficial because you will be able to travel without worrying about missing a payment or not being approved for a certain amount of money. Instead, you can plan out your trip according to how long you need it to be. If you find that you are running short on time, you will have plenty of time to make the necessary payments.

Tui fly card payment plans do not need to be paid in full at any one time

You can pay the balance of the plan by simply making your payment and then keeping the card. You will then be charged interest on the balance of the plan. This means that you can easily budget your payments and that you will never have to worry about missing a payment because you did not budget enough for the payment. You will also know exactly what the payment will be so that you are not overextended.

You should also consider that you will have an expiry date on your top card

The expiry date will indicate the date that you will need to make your next payment if you wish to continue using your card. Therefore, you should make a payment on the date that you will have your next payment.

When you make a Tui fly payment in three installments, it is easier for you to manage your finances. You will have more time to budget your money, and you will have an expiry date to remind you when you should make another payment. When you budget, you will be able to ensure that you do not go over the credit limit that you have set for yourself. If you do not have enough money to pay back the credit card debt, you will be in trouble. You will be in financial trouble with no way to get out from under the weight of your debt. On the other hand, if you set aside the amount you owe monthly, you will not have this problem.


There are many benefits to making a Tui fly payment in three instalments

When you make a payment, you will be able to see the total amount due and you will have a guideline as to how much you need to pay. You will also know what the balance is, which will help you keep track of where you are today and how you are progressing. Finally, you can see your payments are making progress toward being paid off, and this is a great way to motivate yourself. If you are having problems making your payments on time, tui fly payment in three instalments may be just what you need to get your finances back on track and move forward with your life.

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