TUI Fly Belgium: Change of name / date and correction of booking errors

The situation affects virtually every single day, for all those also. Thus, it wishes to be as adaptable as possible for you personally.

We provide you with the chance to alter your holiday absolutely free of charge, by way of instance, to depart later or choose another destination.

Would you need to swap your holiday? Then contact us your TUI store or your travel agent. It can certainly arrange your new excursion.

Flexible conditions Chances until

– Free market around 7 days before departure

– Change of destination and traveling companion

– Exchange possible as much as 4 times

Until when you utilize this flexible exchange assurance?

You may still use the flexible market guarantee by reserving a ticket which contains this alternative.

It is possible to redeem your holiday now or wait around 7 or 28 days prior to death, based on the sort of vacation.

Rules in force behind using this flexible exchange assurance:

– For vacations by airplane, the market is likely up to seven days before death

– For Citytrips, Holidays close to you, Vacations by automobile, Ski vacations and group excursions TUI excursions, trade is possible around 28 days before death

If you alter the date, till when in the latest will you leave?

You are able to swap your trip for one more excursion, occurring at a subsequent date or perhaps through the subsequent season, accessible once you alter your booking.

Modification of a plane ticket issued by TUI Fly, other conditions to be respected

The adaptive exchange assurance applies to excursions provided by TUI Belgium S.A from the variety Air vacations, Exotic vacations, city excursions and Vacations by automobile and Group excursions.

The flexible exchange assurance suggests that the client can swap up to four times every TUI excursion for a different trip with a passing on precisely the exact same afternoon, at a subsequent date and even through a next period without providing a reason and accountable for cancellation. The new travel has to be readily available for booking at the TUI Belgium S.A. offer in the right time of this market.


The flexible exchange assurance can only be redeemed via the TUI Client Service Center, at among the 102 TUI services or in TUI’s spouse third-party travel brokers.

Just the most important holder of this reservation may produce up to four adjustments. If another shift is then asked, the customary change charges or cancellation requirements apply.

After a trip is included in the excursion, the adjustable exchange assurance can only be redeemed when the airport transports out of a daybed airport or out of Lille airport, and if the airport is operated by TUI travel (TUI Airlines Belgium SA), Freebird, Brussels Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, Aegean Airlines, Alitalia, Air Europa, Czech Airlines, Iberia, LOT Polish Airlines, SAS, TAP Air Portugal, Vueling, Air Malta. After a train travel is contained in the travel, the elastic exchange assurance can only be redeemed in the event the train death is through a kayak channel and whether the travel is created from Thalys, TGV or Eurostar. These circumstances apply both to this excursion you would like to change and into the new booking.

This flexible foreign exchange assurance could be invoked from the consumer till August, inclusive. This can be valid for new bookings in addition to for existing bookings.

Concerning the cost difference between your primary trip along with your new excursion, the quantity of the new excursion might be around 40 percent lower compared to the quantity of your first trip. In the event the quantity of the new excursion is greater than the initial booking, you’ll need to pay for the gap. In the event the quantity of the new excursion is significantly less than the initial booking then the gap will be reimbursed to you by TUI till a max of 40% in the kind of a TUI worth voucher.

To get this done, the sum already paid for your first reservation is going to be taken into consideration. May signify that following the payoff the 40 percent won’t be paid, by first booking, it implies the exact first booking created.

The worth of the altered reservation is described in the time of this alteration and according to the prices in force then.

The worth of the primary document is defined as it’s reserved and established from the first reservation.

Rules in force to using this flexible exchange assurance

Exchange potential around 7 days before passing for aviation. Exchange possible around 28 days prior to death for city trips, Holidays near you, Vacations in the Auto, Ski vacations and group excursions TUI excursions

Concerning the alteration of travellers of a present reservation, these requirements apply

– Just the individuality of those folks participating from the excursion could be altered. The percent of the population participating from the excursion can’t be altered. Aside from this state, the group could always be altered in the event the amount of trip participants raises and / or in the event the new level is equivalent to or higher than the sum paid.

– The most important holder of this reservation can’t be altered.

– The adaptive exchange guarantee doesn’t apply to the purchase of airplane tickets independently, river holidays, TUI Villas, sports excursions, cruises, person excursions and related travel packages.

– The flexible trade warranty isn’t valid on the selling of insurance solutions. The insurance legitimate on the initial exchanged excursion continues to exist along with the premium remains due.

– Any alteration or exchange that doesn’t satisfy the aforementioned requirements will be automatically subject to the regular states of alteration or cancellation. The cancellation charges will be calculated every time on the quantity of the excursion of this booking originally canceled, in agreement with the terms and conditions applicable at the time of their very first use of this flexible exchange assurance, unless the cancellation charges calculated about the excursion period of the prior canceled reserve, in agreement with the terms and conditions applicable at the time of the cancellation, are greater. In cases like this, the client needs to pay the greater cancellation charges.

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  1. Hi, can we change the name on the booking.
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  2. Hello by mistake I put the last name in the first name and the first name in the last name on my booking. can I change it?

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