Cruises by TUI Fly: discover the world from the sea

Want to explore the world and enjoy a pleasant vacation without a cloud on the horizon? Do you want to discover several new destinations in a single trip, without having to constantly unpack and repack your suitcases? If the answer to both of these questions is positive, then a cruise with TUI is the ideal package for you! On its cruises, TUI brings together the best of both worlds. The delicious meals and the many facilities combine wonderfully with the magnificent places you visit. We take you to the destinations and, meanwhile, you relax and soak up the local color. Pack your bags, board one of its luxury cruise ships and enjoy this unique experience.

Cruises alone or packages

  • Enhance your vacation as you see fit
  • Sail to the four corners of the world
  • Cruises with or without flight

Your perfect cruise

Looking for a cruise suitable for children? Or absolute luxury? Call on the expertise of its experienced specialists to plan your ideal cruise. Go to the nearest TUI shop or already request an offer.

United Arab Emirates Cruise

– Magical experience

– Premium All Inclusive Formula

– Emirates flights included

– Free use of sauna and fitness

The Canary Islands

– Stay on board on the basis of an all inclusive Premium formula

– Sporty and modern cruise

– High-end service and cuisine

– Flights from Liège included

Costa Deliziosa – The Mediterranean

  • Stay on board on the basis of full board
  • Best forms of entertainment
  • Perfect combination of art and design
  • Flights from Brussels included


How is boarding going?

Boarding at a cruise terminal is similar to boarding at an airport. You must check in at least 3 hours before departure.

About two weeks before leaving, you will receive your travel documents as well as the luggage tags that must be placed on your suitcases. So you can leave them in the cruise terminal and they will be transported to your cabin.

Tip: remember to pack your swimsuit in hand luggage. You will then be able to take advantage of all the facilities on board as soon as you board.

How are payments made on board?

All expenses incurred on board are placed on your personal note. When boarding, you receive a Cruise Card, which is your means of payment on the boat. On the last evening, you receive a statement in your cabin, which you can pay in cash or by credit card.

What is a Cruise Card?

In addition to being your means of payment on board, your Cruise Card also serves as a key to your cabin and as a means of identification to get off the boat and re-board.

Is medical equipment present on board?

All ships have a medical center, staffed by a doctor and a nurse. This center is not a hospital, but it can provide first aid. You pay for a consultation with the doctor (please note that these are international rates).

Do you need to take out insurance?

Make sure you are well insured to leave. Purchase travel and cancellation insurance from your travel agency and request that repatriation from a cruise ship be included. Also take into account the flag under which the vessel sails. This will tell you whether you need European or global coverage.

How can you book excursions?

All the ship owners offer a wide range of excursions which you can book on their website or on board. Some ship-owners also offer you to download an app allowing you to book excursions and other extras. You can of course also just get off the boat and take a taxi, explore the destination on foot or book an excursion organized by a local tour operator. Please note: when leaving the boat, always check the time when you should be back on board. This is also always indicated at the exit.

How do you know what activities are organized on board?

Every evening, you will receive a leaflet in your cabin listing the activities and excursions. In particular, you will find the opening hours of all on-board facilities, activities and entertainment, arrival and departure times of the boat and an explanation of the stopover. You can also find this information in the owner’s app and on the onboard digital panels.

How much luggage can you take?

Pay attention to the baggage guidelines of airlines or other transport companies. On the boat, there are no limitations, but there is also not much storage space in the cabin. It is recommended that you only bring one suitcase per person.

What outfits should you bring?

During the day, you can wear a casual outfit. If you are going to a warmer country, plan to wear light clothing. In colder areas, consider taking several layers and a rain coat. Take comfortable walking shoes for excursions.

In the evening, the dress code is informal: long pants, a dress or skirt for women, and long pants with a shirt for men. On special evenings, more formal attire is required.

Which travel documents should you take?

For each cruise you need an identity card or passport, which must be valid for another 6 months after return. More and more ship owners require a passport, even for routes in Europe. Each country has its own visa requirements and it is your responsibility yourself to ensure that you have the correct documents. You can request this information from your travel agency. Some shipowners take care of the visa for customers when booking an excursion. You can also inquire about this at your travel agency.

Are vaccinations necessary?

For some countries, vaccines are mandatory. Discuss your trip with your doctor or find more information on the website of the Institute of Tropical Medicine.

Are babies and children welcome on board?

Due to limited medical facilities, each ship-owner imposes a minimum age for children. Most of the time, it is set at 6 months, but it can sometimes differ depending on the route and the owner. Ask your travel agency for more information.

You are pregnant; can you go on a cruise?

You must be 24 weeks or less pregnant at the end of the cruise. You must also be in possession of a medical certificate attesting to your pregnancy.

What language is spoken on board?

On most boats, the spoken language is English. However, with some ship-owners, the vehicular language is German or another language. However, the crew still speak English.

What does the price of a cruise include?

The price of a cruise always includes the base price (according to the shipowner’s standard formula) and port taxes. To this are added the supplements that you book (in advance or on board) such as: transport, transfers, and additional nights before or after the cruise, drink packages, tips, excursions, wifi packages.

When is the boat sailing?

Usually the boat sails to its next destination overnight. During the day, you therefore have time to explore the destination. Often a day at sea is also planned to cover a longer distance. This allows you to take full advantage of the facilities on board.

Are meals and drinks included?

Unless otherwise stated, cruises are always offered full board. Water is often included with meals. Other drinks are chargeable. With some ship-owners drinks are also included and with others you can purchase a drinks package.

What is a tender?

Whenever possible, ships enter ports and dock at the quayside, but not all ports have the necessary facilities or are not large enough to accommodate larger ships. In this case, a tender (a lifeboat or smaller boat) is used to bring passengers to the dock. The cruise ship will then drop anchor a little further.

How is the disembarkation going?

On board, you receive information on the disembarkation procedure. On the last evening you have to put your suitcases in the hallway (except hand luggage) and the next morning you will find them in the cruise terminal. Keep your Cruise Card handy, as you will need it to disembark. If your onboard expense report is correct, you can simply disembark using your Cruise Card and no longer need to check out through reception.

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