TUI Fly Belgium: What rate to pay for group travelers?

Our online booking system doesn’t permit the input of reservations for Over 9 men on precisely the exact same flight. Complete the form below and then click SEND. For more general advice don’t hesitate to contact our call centre.

Costs for classes can differ from the online rates. Our team Department will provide you a cost per person, valid for every participant (when booked in precisely the exact same time). We aim at supplying the cheapest potential Cost, based upon the access to the airport along with the size of this group.

Flying in a group?

The group flight reservation service provided by TUI Fly Belgium is a specialty of the Belgian company. Whether it is a group trip with family or friends, a business trip, a school trip, a business seminar, a sporting or cultural meeting; With the Belgian company, groups benefit, just like individual travelers, from preferential tariff conditions in economy and premium class, also on business class flights, and from a tailor-made service on direct flights or with standard stopovers.

Group travel / Quote & booking a cheap group plane ticket

Book a group flight from ten passengers with TUI Fly Belgium, there are many exclusive advantages:

– Guarantee of your fare and dispatch of your plane tickets before payment of the deposit

– Rates negotiated on more than two thousand destinations and more than three hundred airlines.

– Personalized follow-up with a service dedicated to groups.

– Modifications possible before tickets are issued according to the conditions applied by the company.

– Specific services and options (special meals, grouped seats, etc.).

– Payment of the balance required between 20 and 30 days before departure.

– After signature and validation of your sales contract, your price will be firm and final.


Group travel: its strengths and organization

For loners, traveling alone is a rewarding experience. But for other travelers, it is an unattractive adventure. If, like the latter, you are not ready to travel to an unfamiliar place on your own, it is high time to take an interest in group travel. This is common practice and it has a number of advantages. But good organization is required for everything to run smoothly.

A tour on the advantages of group travel

At the top of the list of big plus points for group travel is the price. To live a great adventure without breaking the bank, this is the most obvious choice. The trip is not going to cost you much, as all costs, including transportation, accommodation and guide, are shared between the participants.

Traveling in a group also means traveling in complete safety even if you do not master the language used in the city to be visited. In addition, it is possible to get rid of the organization of the trip and all the cumbersome tasks that it generates. All you have to do is contact an experienced tour operator. He will take care of everything, to name only the booking of flights, the program of the stay and the meals. All you have to do is enjoy your vacation and follow the guide well.

Note that tour operators offer a wide choice of travel packages. It is now possible to go with friends, family or colleagues. There is plenty to satisfy those who don’t like traveling with strangers.

However, it should be noted that organizing the trip yourself has another significant advantage. It is the fact of being free in the choice of the route. The problem is, it takes time, a lot of effort and a certain amount of skill. Indeed, it takes experience to know the best restaurant or the coolest hotel in the area to visit.

The steps to follow to organize a group trip

As stated before, putting yourself in the shoes of the organizer is not very advisable. It’s better to talk to an expert. You have the choice between travel agencies and tour operators. Otherwise, group services can also satisfy you. They are now gaining popularity with travelers.

In any case, a specialist in group travel organization can play the role of advisor and negotiator. Its goal is to offer you a trip that meets your requirements not only in terms of price, but also quality. In addition, many of the organizers give customers the privilege of choosing the destination, departure date and route. In short, it will be a tailor-made trip.


Some precautionary measures to adopt

Despite its many advantages, group travel also hides certain risks. To avoid inconvenience and disappointment, you must first choose your tour operator. First of all, it is strongly required to call in a professional registered in the register of travel and accommodation operators. Then, you have to find out if the service provider is based in Belgium.

It is also essential to read your travel contract carefully. Check point by point its content. Maximum attention must be paid to the level of services to be provided by the tour operator, travel and subsistence expenses and program activities. This allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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