All-inclusive holidays offered by TUI Fly Belgium (Flight + Hotels/Villa)

Can you yearn for a lavish vacation at which you can be served along with your eye and finger? Reserve your comprehensive holiday with TUI and revel in a valuable remain worry-free and in a minimal price! You simply need to specify the destination of your dreams as well as upon arrival, you’ll be pampered from the resort staff. An all-purpose holiday means all foods and beverages are included. And additionally, they also give you complimentary access to a plethora of centers specializing in game and well-being.

Select your perfect hotel and destination out of its whole all-in deal, and revel in either luxury or budget holidays where what’s included. Its comprehensive aviation offer comprises over a hundred resorts in 47 destinations. Do you want to go a bit nearer to your home? No worries: lots of all-in destinations can also be available by automobile. Together with TUI, organize your excursion as you see fit and determine how to achieve your destination.

Tui fly is an interesting way to enjoy family holidays in New Zealand, Spain, England, … Not only is it a popular family holiday destination, it also has a number of cheap accommodation options for people travelling on a tight budget. You will find that most of the accommodation options are located close to places of interest, such as Maori culture and cultural displays, the beaches and waters, mountain biking, or other forms of outdoor activities.

Family to fly holidays also ensure that you get a more diverse view of the region

You can choose to go caravanning with your family, taking in some of the local scenery, or you can choose a more comfortable and budget friendly option for your travels. Tui fly means “Floating on Air”, which is basically when you rent a camper van and go on family holidays where you and your family enjoy the natural surrounds. Most of the tui fly family holidays are held in the North Island and in the South Island, although there are a few tours available in Kaikoura and further afield in Timaru.

The two fly family holidays in New Zealand include the Te Reo Maori, a traditional Maori spiritual journey. This tour involves several days spent touring the different tribes’ homesteads and ceremonial areas. It also takes participants through the Whakarewarewa Forest, where they can view a wide range of native plants and flowers, as well as the unique sounds of nature. At the end of the trip, participants receive a certificate detailing their experience in the Te Wairoa environment.

One of the more popular the fly family holidays takes participants on a two-time walk, where they walk the tui track – which is believed to be a path picked by ancestors many generations ago. The tracks are often lined with special stone circles that symbolise the various paths through which its ancestors walked. Participants are expected to carry items such as the tools, ornaments and pouches that represent important customs and beliefs from their indigenous Te Puna heritage. After a walk, participants can explore the cultural attractions at Taupo City and enjoy the scenery and nightlife of downtown Taupo.

Another popular tui fly family holidays activity is tui kilu, which is the New Zealand version of a walking holiday. The tui kilu is a tui-tea ceremony, where an older tui who lives on the tui fly farm visits the resident tui plan of the area. At the end of the visit, the two take a journey across the tui fly field, symbolizing the tui energy that must be transferred to the residents. This is then followed by a tui training, where the tui is taught special moves and diet lessons.

The ceremony ends with the two meeting the local up and performs a ritual where the TUI plan gives thanks for having taken them into his family.

Destinations has many more to fly family holidays activities

One of the most popular is a walk, which is a tui training exercise that strengthens the tui muscle and increases muscle coordination. Many to walk events are organised by organisations in the city and surrounding areas. Other popular activities include tai chi, and kite boarding. Many of these activities involve participants coming together to practice meditation, tai chi and kite boarding.

Taupo also has many tui fly fishing companies, where families can spend the fly fishing on their own, or take a day trip to the lake. Many fishing charters offer kite boarding, making for an afternoon of relaxation and great sun. Another tui fly family holiday activity is to take a family tai chi workshop. This is a chance for the entire family to learn tai chi techniques and participate in fun, energetic drills.

Family to fly fishing is one of the best ways to spend time with your children

It’s great exercise too! You’ll find that you’ll be in better physical condition than you ever imagined, and you’ll have loads of fun. These are only a few to fly family holiday’s options available to you. Find what you love and enjoy it, whatever your age.

Your perfect vacation

The countdown to winter vacations can be launched! Due to TUI fly, then you are already able to begin dreaming in your next winter holiday. Fly into a tropical destination or select a winter holiday in sunlight. Snow fans will be thrilled by the destinations provided by TUI fly for ski and winter sports.

Fancy an airplane vacation in Spain, Greece, or even Mexico? Quickly discover TUI’s extensive offer

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  • Exotic winter holidays


Punta cana


Santo Domingo


  • Winter sport vacation

Kittila – Lapland


Still looking for a hotel?

Still looking for a hotel or other accommodation to stay in during your trip? At TUI, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Go to to choose your vacation and your hotel. Book your winter vacation in just a few clicks.

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