TUI Fly Belgium: Pay and manage your reservations with your Mastercard

The TUI Mastercard is not just a credit card for paying for purchases around the world². With this card you also have the possibility to save points which allow you to save to partially pay for your next TUI vacation.

For payments made using a debit or credit card, it charges per payment transaction charge of 2 percent per trade (and 19% VAT for national flights).

TUI Mastercard: Terms of use

The TUI savings card savings program is linked to the use of your TUI Mastercard (in accordance with the General Conditions which apply when applying for and using the TUI Mastercard).

On all purchases made with your TUI Mastercard, worldwide, you save 1 point for every 2 euros spent. Example: you go out to Barcelona with a friend and you pay for the meal (52 €) using your TUI Mastercard. Thus, you save 26 points.

Each time you have saved 2500 points, TUI will automatically send you, and within a month, a TUI reduction voucher of 25 €. This discount voucher is valid for 1 year after the date of issue, and you can use it for your next TUI trip in a TUI shop. Savings points cannot be exchanged for cash. If your reservation is canceled, the points awarded will not be awarded. Each discount voucher can only be used once. After 5 years, the points saved will be deleted.

The savings points of the holder of the TUI Mastercard and those of the additional TUI Mastercard will be combined into a single balance.

The statement you will receive each month shows you the total points saved and used your TUI savings card will receive each month. The points on the monthly statement will be determined on the 16th of the month. Transactions processed after this date will be included in the next monthly statement.

TUI has the right to modify the conditions of the TUI Savings Card, without however affecting the value of the points already saved. If so, you will be notified in time.

For any questions regarding the use of TUI reduction vouchers, you can consult its website or call 070 233 933.

A maximum number of points to be saved with the TUI Savings Card has been set. In one month, you cannot save more than 25,000 points (main card + additional Mastercard). On an annual basis, the maximum number of points is set at 200,000 points.

For the following transactions, no savings point will be granted: transfers (when you have money transferred from your TUI Mastercard account to your personal bank account), cash withdrawals with your TUI Mastercard ( and related costs), all transactions relating to gambling with your TUI Mastercard (eg contests, raffles, bets, etc.).

The savings points mentioned above, the savings card and the advantages resulting there from are offered to you by and under the responsibility of TUI Belgium SA, whose head office is located at 1930 Zaventem, Brussels National Airport, 40 box 2, with company number 0416 827 707 – Buy Way is in no way responsible in any way whatsoever for these savings points, the card or the resulting benefits.

Tuifly is a virtual credit card application that works similar to MasterCard

Both these types of cards are accepted by most merchants around the world. However, Tuifly also provides additional features that make it superior to its competitors. For one thing, this application has an application interface that is identical to that of MasterCard. In addition to this, most of the features that Tuifly offers are free or have low charges for the user.

As with any other prepaid card, there are some guidelines that one has to follow in order to get started. The first step is to open a Tuifly account. You will be required to answer some questions related to your personal information and your account history. You will also be required to state your primary contact details including your email address.

One may also be able to apply for a Tuifly card online

The application process involves filling out a form. This form is forwarded to a sales representative who will then check if you qualify for a card. If you are qualified, the card will be sent to you in a short while.

A unique feature offered by Tuifly is its interactive web portal. Through this portal, one can book tickets, pay taxes and manage other relevant information related to the card. Tuifly also allows its users to transfer funds between their accounts. A convenient feature of Tuifly is that it allows one to make bookings online. A user does not need to leave his office or home in order to do so.

One of the most important features of Tuifly is its flexibility

Cards can be used in many outlets including petrol stations, hospitals and other retail outlets. This means that there is no need for the card to be carried around with you all the time. Also, the card can be used online in stores and on websites. It can also be used to make purchases over the phone as well as at automated teller machines (ATM).

Tuifly cards may be preloaded with funds or loaded with a cashier’s check. When this feature is activated, one is required to enter an initial security pin. There is a one-time fee charged for each such activity. However, a customer may choose to fund a card with a credit card and not via a preloaded method.

Booking a hotel room, flight, car or train ticket using a MasterCard requires minimal effort. One may simply browse the net to locate an online retailer offering such services. It is also possible to use one’s debit or credit card to make the booking. The only thing needed to be done is to fill out the same form online.

With Tuifly, one is provided with a convenient tool to help manage money. There is no need for worrying about carrying change with one’s card when shopping or booking tickets. All transactions made are managed automatically.

There are several benefits that one gets by using a Tuifly MasterCard. One of these is that it can be used globally. Furthermore, one is also provided with a one-time discount for every purchase. This discount may range from one to fifteen percent. Another benefit that one obtains when using a Tuifly MasterCard is that one is provided with the option to make a payment of the entire fare in cash or by using a credit card.

Tuifly cardholders may also take advantage of special offers and sale events. They are also provided with customer assistance, which allows them to get their questions answered and do not have to wait for customer support personnel to help them out. There are also several reward schemes and special offers available on these cards. For example, one may get a discount when they book a car rental with the card or when they book tickets for an airline using the card.

One of the best features of a Tuifly card is that it may be reloaded. This means that, once the card has been issued, one may continue using it. Therefore, you will not have to spend a lot of money on reloading the card. In fact, you may just use a little. Therefore, this makes it a great card for frequent travelers.

However, before one decides to get a Tuifly credit card, they should remember that it is not easy to qualify for this one. They should ensure that they have a good credit rating and that they do not have any outstanding debts. Also, they may want to check the terms and conditions so that they are aware of the different benefits that they can avail. Tuifly may not be as good as other cards out there but it still has its benefits. Therefore, if you are planning to apply for a Tuifly card, this may be worth considering.

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