TUI Fly Belgium: Seat selection and reservation on the airplane

If you are flying with TUI or some of those chartered airlines, you’ll pay additional to select where you sit to the airplane. You may either book your seats when you are booking your ticket and choosing your seat, or you are able to add them afterwards by calling us. If you do not utilize its select your seat assistance, your chairs will be allocated to you once you check in online.

Just so that you know, in case you are travelling with a young child below the age of twelve (12), then it will be certain they are sat with a minimum of one adult in your party. By sat with this might be adjacent to, across an aisle, or even at front behind.

Selecting your seat online

If you have paid additional for select your seat and you are reserving your Holiday over 90 days before your return flight, it will send you a separate email when the seat map is offered for you. In Case you haven’t received your email, it is well worth checking your spam or junk folder in case it seems there.

If you are reserving less than 90 days until you return, then you’ll find that a Link into the seat map into your verification email. If you have booked Premium seats, Extra Legroom Seats or Extra Space seats, you will be able to get the seat map instantly once you reserve your vacation. You can additionally select your seat by logging into your Client Account or your Flight Extras site.

Flights with Different airlines

If you are flying with another airline maybe not listed above, you might need to proceed to this airline’s site directly to choose your seat. Some airlines only allocate seats and boarding passes if you look in. In this Case, it advises that you check as soon as you can.

You will have the ability to find the title of the airline you are travelling with, the airline’s reservation reference, along with the airline’s site address on your own handle My Booking Page, just under your trip details. Ensure you utilize the Airline’s reservation reference log into their site, rather than you’re TUI booking reference.

Selection of extra seats for passengers traveling in First Class or choosing the TUI Holiday fare

To choose your chairs or include extras, please input your reservation details below. You’ll locate your reservation reference in your verification email.

Just enter the reference number from the box beneath. Some airlines cannot be handled online.


Tui Fly Belgium offers various packages including airline seats and online rental services for easy travel arrangements. Tui Fly Belgium has a very extensive range of airplane service offering both First Class and Economy Class airline seats. They also provide First Class upgrade and a variety of packages. They even offer you the opportunity to upgrade from economy to business class. The selection and variety of airline seats and amenities are designed to meet all passenger needs.

When you book your flight online you will have access to a number of seats

You may choose to upgrade to Business or First Class seats, and have the opportunity to select a seat location of your choice. When you are ready to travel, you can easily return to your home and have your baggage transported to your destination. If you need assistance with booking your flight online, call the airline offices for assistance.

You should review and rate the seat selection offered by Tui before your travel. This will help ensure that you are satisfied with your travel arrangements. The ability to book your seat online will offer you a number of benefits. You can view and select the seat location of your choice, enter your dates of travel, pick out your airline seat and pay online. The entire process will be completed within a matter of minutes.

Traveling can be an experience that is both exciting and stressful

When you travel, there is no time to get bored or restless. In addition to being able to book your flight and pay online, you will have access to information about your flight. This means you will know exactly when you need to arrive at your destination and be prepared for your journey. When you are looking for an airline seat, you will have a greater likelihood of finding one that meets your needs for traveling comfort and convenience.

Tui Fly Belgium will offer you the highest quality of service possible

The staff that is provided by Tui Fly is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. When you are ready to travel, the staff will help you select your seat on the plane, make your seat reservations, and assist you throughout your flight. You can even reserve your flight online if you prefer.

As you are on the plane you can read a variety of materials provided by the airline

Some are going to provide tips on how to avoid common problems that may occur during your flight. For instance, if you become nervous about a specific problem, you may want to read about it before it occurs. If you become upset because of the situation that has arisen, you will want to read about it so you are in a position to address it properly. If you have any concerns, you can discuss them with the flight attendant before you take your seat. If there is a problem, they will try to resolve it while you are on board.

As you are sitting in your seat waiting to be boarded onto the plane, you will want to make sure you are comfortable. Since you will most likely be flying economy class, you may have some limited items in your possession. However, if you book an airline seat for your trip, you can bring a few important items. This includes a portable laptop if you want to stay in touch with your loved ones. Furthermore, you can bring reading material or a fan if you are looking forward to a nice book during your flight.

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