Traveling with baby by plane TUIFly Belgium with his stroller

Strollers, cushioned strollers and car seats are allowed at no cost from the luggage transport. But, passengers have the choice of carrying one of those products to your aircraft, in which it is then going to be loaded into the bags hold prior to being returned when possible on birth when leaving the aircraft. . In other scenarios, the stroller or car seat might have to be gathered with another luggage in the area provided for this purpose in the airport. Please note during check-in, all things have to be labelled, although the one shot into the airplane.

First of all, when does it say that a baby is still a baby for an airline? Well, if your baby is less than 2 years old on the date of travel, he will be considered as a “baby”.

Your stroller is of the cane type and meets the folded dimensions = 30x15x100cm

 The question is often asked, how are you going to travel by plane with the stroller?

Indeed, when you go on a trip, the child stroller is essential for the trip. There is no need to be afraid, because taking the stroller by plane is quite possible. The same goes for the baby car seat. You will have several options, depending on the size of your stroller. Upon arrival, you can either drop it off at the check-in counter or take it with you to the boarding gate.

However, you must follow a few rules and conditions

Indeed, it is important to read the regulations for transporting a stroller from the airline that you have chosen. For example, in the case of the company TUI Fly Belgium, it accepts to transport a stroller and a car seat free of charge. This accessory can also be placed in the cabin subject to the availability of space and if it does not exceed the dimensions of 15x30x100 cm for a pushchair. In addition, the other models must not exceed the dimensions which are 55x35x25 cm. Note that the stroller therefore replaces the baby’s cabin baggage. But be careful because the rules vary from one airport to another.

Pack the stroller well

It is recommended that the stroller be well packaged in a carrying case or protective bag so as not to damage this transport item. You can also wrap it in a strong protective film, but make sure that no straps, thongs or other parts of the stroller are overflowing.

Save the stroller

Like other baggage, you must also check-in your child’s stroller upon arrival at the airport. It will therefore have to be labelled and weighed by a registrar.

Take the stroller in the hold or as hand luggage

In principle, the stroller will have to go in the hold throughout the flight. But there are still some models of strollers, such as the compact and lightweight cane pushchair models, which are accepted as hand luggage. Nevertheless, in all cases, you will have to refer to the regulations imposed by the companies and which are specific to them. If the majority of airlines transport the child stroller free of charge, except models over 6 kg, it is however important to mention that this is only the stroller. Suddenly, the hull and the nacelle are classified as other luggage.

Recovery after the flight

It is only at the end of the flight that you can pick up your stroller if it has been stored in the hold. To do this, all you need to do is ask a passenger agent where and how you can collect it. Again, the terms could vary depending on the current airline regulations. But in principle, you can pick up your stroller on the gangway when you get off the aircraft. On the other hand, if you brought your baby stroller as hand baggage, you will have it with you all the time, before boarding the plane, and you can pick it up directly after the flight.

After picking up the stroller

It is very important to check the condition of your stroller after the flight after you have collected it. Indeed, breakages can occur from time to time. If this is the case with your stroller, you must immediately submit a report to the company’s complaints counter. Likewise, if they ever lose your stroller, you will also go to the relevant department and ask for the stroller to be returned to you. These few tips may help you prepare for your plane trip when you need to bring your child’s stroller.

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