Would you choose your pet with you in TUIFly Belgium plane?

It’s possible to request your pet to be transported on many TUI flights. Talk to your network supplier.

If you are travelling to Europe your furry friend will only require a pet passport. If you are going farther afield, you will want to get in touch with the embassy of the country you are travelling to.

The way your pet will journey

Your furry friend can generally go on Precisely the Same flight as possible but it’ll have to Traveling from the cargo transport, in which the temperature and atmosphere pressure is controlled.

Traveling boxes have to be fitted with a water container that’s refilled before passing, however, your pet will not be fed throughout the trip. In reality, it advise that you feed your pet a little meal no longer than five hours prior to departure – it is better that they fly in an empty belly.

Reserve a seat for your cat or other pet in the cabin?

It is not possible to reserve animal seats online, so you must contact a TUI Fly agent by phone on 0208 757 4732 or by sending a reservation request to the following address: pets@ecsgroup.aero

It does not permit a pet to become sedated if it’s a response which could impact its wellbeing.

Row along together with Different airlines

If you are travelling with a different airline, then their coverage could possibly differ. Contact us until you reserve so it can look after you.

Only one animal can be carried by the passenger in the plane

Tui Fly allows small dogs around 6kg (such as carrier fat) to traveling in the cottage. Pets should fly air freight on flights between the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Soft-sided carriers have been approved and have to have the ability to fit beneath the seat before you. Your pet needs to fit completely from the carrer and also be in a position to stay up and turn about. The bottom has to be watertight and the fastners powerful. Pet padding is supported.

The types of animals required

Tui Fly agents need to visit EU Pet Passports also as rabies and health certificates. All pets flying from Belgian airline has to be micro chipped. Documentation to the pet’s destination state will also have to get verified.

Guide dogs may fly at no cost on all avenues. They have to occupy space in their owner’s feet and ought to have a tap that’s marked with the company that trained it.

Emotional support animals are just permitted to travel flights from and into the USA. Only dogs and cats have been approved, also it’s necessary to present a current (less than 1 year old) medical certification issued from the inpatient therapist or physician saying that the individual in question must go together with the creature. Emotional support animals might be carried out in the cabin at no cost, however are subject to exactly the very same principles as other animals.

The airline has to be informed at least 48 hours ahead of departure.

Checked baggage for animals?

If a pet is too big to fit under your seat if it’s a lengthy flight, provided that you’re accompanying your furry friend, Tui Fly Airlines can transfer your pet in the cargo segment of this aircraft based on Tui Fly Airlines pet plan. This part of the freight section has the exact same pressure and temperature since the passenger cabin.

Suggestion: make certain to inform the Captain of their aircraft your furry friend is flying into the freight so they may make certain to keep the warmth in the suitable level.

Your pet must travel in a comfortable crate

They need to be IATA-compliant using a waterproof bottom, sufficient venting along with a spring lock doorway. Crate hardware is recommended.

Crate needs to be solid, clean and leak evidence. There has to be ample area for the pet to stand up and twist around.

Metal hardware ought to be used to secure the top and bottom parts of your pet’ cage together. Just click here for Cage demands. The crate must be no more than 83 cm (32 inches) high.

TUIFly Airlines Air Cargo Pet Policy air Freight

TuiFly provides air freight services via STCC Cargo Services.

Tui Fly Airlines has paths covering a Variety of places at the European Union, Turkey, the Caribbean, Iceland, United States and Canada.

Tui Fly Airlines doesn’t print a listing of strain limitations and does take snub-nosed strains. Pet owners have been cautioned to safeguard their pet by hauling them into a crate one dimension bigger than normally necessary and avoid traveling instances where temperatures exceed 85°F.

Other Plants

Tui Fly Airlines allows dogs/cats and a number of other live creatures to traveling in the cargo transport. All creatures must travel to Regulations Setup by IATA.

Dog or cat over 10 kg

For the transport of a limited number of pets (1 per passenger, max. 4 per flight) in the adapted baggage hold (heated), a supplement of 80 € (+/- 880 MAD) is calculated per animal and per trip.

If you only mention it at the airport, the price is increased by € 7.50 (+/- 84 MAD) per animal and per trip as administration costs.

The animal must be 12 weeks old and must be transported in a well-closed cage, suitable for air navigation. For safety reasons, snub nosed dogs are not allowed.

In the cage, the animal must be able to turn around its axis and stand up completely. The cage must therefore be at least as high as the animal from the paws to the head when it is upright. Maximum cage measurements: length 121 cm x width 81 cm x height 88 cm. The transport of an empty cage is possible as checked baggage, reserve in advance. Not possible for flights to / from Cape Verde.

Do you want to transport a domestic animal with a snub nose?

TUI fly does not accept to transport snub-nosed animals, for their welfare. These (eg: Boxers, Bulldogs, Pekingese, and Persian cats) may experience breathing problems during flight due to the higher temperatures and stress.

TUI fly also does not carry American, English and French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers.

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